Release Day Review ~ Past Demons by A.L. Kessler

Title: Past Demons
Author: A.L. Kessler
Series: Dark War Chronicles #4
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Published: February 16th 2015

With her freedom stolen from her by the Father, Tegan had never lived a life of her own. Whisked away to be a bound human to Lucius, she never knew what it was like to have a mate to love and cherish her. Now after losing three hundred years of memories, Tegan needs to rediscover everything she’s worked for and learn every lesson again, but this time something is different. Kaden claims that he is her fated mate.

The reason for Kaden’s exile from the Demon world is no secret: he beheaded his own king. The one thing that makes his exile bearable is being close to Tegan. When Tegan returns he knows he finally has his chance to make her his, but two people stand in his way: Lucius and Tegan’s brother, Zaaren.

The war rages on. With the rumor that someone has raised the Father and the Originals showing signs of waking, the bloodshed will only get worse.
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What an interesting instalment in the Dark War Chronicles. Past Demons was as action packed as the other books in the series and I was hooked from the beginning. I enjoy the building relationship between the main characters, Tegan and Kaden. Their relationships with the people close to them strengthened throughout the story as well.

Tegan has dealt with so much since being tied to the vampire world, and things continued to be difficult for her. She struggled a lot early on and continued to readjust the whole way through. I learned a lot of her back ground and I felt sorry for her and what she had been put through.

Kaden continued to be a bit of a mystery; I learned a bit about his past and his ties to Lucius, but not a lot of deep details. What I did learn showed me how passionate he is about Tegan and that he would do anything for her.

I liked seeing Tegan and Kaden together; they are a great team and as they complement each other well. They have a deep connection and it wasn’t fully revealed until later.

Although this is Tegan and Kaden’s story, the overall series story line has me captivated. Marcus and his plotting had me gripping the pages as I waited for things to fall into place. He made some serious moves in this book and I look forward to see them fall into place.

I enjoy A.L. Kessler’s writing and how she pulls me into her fantasy worlds. She has created a lot of characters that I love, but there are a few that I love to hate! The villains in this series are angry and nasty… they have me cringing that’s for sure! I look forward to the next book, because I have a whole new set of questions I need answers to!!

Complimentary copy provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. It's always great when you discover a new series to obsess about. Especially one that combines everything you know and love with something new.

  2. That is true, and I have really loved this series. All the characters are interesting and the overall plot is getting exciting!!

  3. These series sounds intriguing enough.. I love that cover :) Glad you enjoyed it!

    Benish | Feminist Reflections

  4. Good review!

    The cover definitely draws me in! And it does sound like a series I might need to check out when I can :)

  5. Man, Naomi! This is another series that I really need to start...because if you love it so much, I know I will. :) I'm glad that this installment showed you some new things about the MCs - and that they seemed to grow some. And I'm happy you're so drawn into the overall plot. I have the first one, right? (yeah, I'm asking you *ha*) I'll have to try to work this one in soon!

  6. glad to see you enjoyed this book, it is the first I hear about this book, sound interesting and I love the butterfly on the cover :D

  7. I don't think I've heard of this series before but it sounds really good. Great review my friend.

  8. I hope you do, it is certainly getting interesting!!

  9. I actually think you do have the first one. It is a great world, and I hope you like it!!

  10. This is a great paranormal series, I hope you get a chance to read it!

  11. Thanks Sharon. I am certainly enjoying this series!!


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