Tackled by Lucy Snow ~ Review & Quote-tastic

I purchased Tackled a couple of years ago, and while scrolling through my Amazon books, I decided to give this one a go. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy this one as much as I hoped. 
Tackled (The Alpha Ballers, #1)
Title: Tackled
Author: Lucy Snow
Series: The Alpha Ballers #1
Genre: Sports Romance
Published: March 11th 2016

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College football’s most infamous wide receiver wants to show her that everything’s bigger in the pros.

If I know what's good for me, I'll stay as far away from Drake Rollins as I can...

I have loved football since I was a kid, and now I cover a team professionally.

So it’s just my luck that I get stuck following Drake Rollins around as he tries to make my favorite team.

We knew each other in college, and though I can't stop thinking about him, I know I have to stay away.

He's radioactive, in danger of throwing his life away, and it looks like I'm one of the only people on Earth who sees any potential in him.

How long can I resist this gorgeous and sexy man?

When I finished Tackled, I was actually a little disappointed... I didn't really like the characters, and I felt I was told too much about their story, instead of experiencing what went on. In the beginning the story started at the draft, then went back 8 hours, then jumped forward three days. It was just a little too confusing for me.

I really didn't like Drake. He was arrogant and full of himself, but then he would show how much football meant to him, and all that emotion would pour out of him. Then he flipped back into the asshat he was and I was left thinking that he was nothing but a jerk!

Then there’s Lily – she was a little timid, but was determined to do well at her job. She had a long time crush on Drake, and even though he was a jackass most of the time she lets him in to her world.

Drake and Lily really didn't gel well together and would often have arguments and disagree about things. You would think that they would walk away from one another, but then he'd ask her to dinner and she would say “yes, meet you in an hour”... What the?! I’d be like hell no! Make him actually work for it! Don't just give in to him, because you have a crush on him. She really did annoy me.

Unfortunately, this book didn't work for me. I don't mind alpha reads, but this one was hard to get into. A few times I considered giving up on the book, but I pushed through, hoping it would get better. I did enjoy the football aspect, but the characters really let me down. Oh well, you win some, you lose some!
This was a moment where Drake and Lily had a little sweet moment...

“You helped me a lot with that last week when I was struggling, and look at me, I’ve made the first couple cuts. I’m still here when everyone thought I’d be out on the street by now. It’s all because of you, do you understand?”
That sounded so nice coming from him. It sounded like exactly what I wanted him to say, exactly what I needed him to say.
But still, I couldn’t help but feel like this might not be the right path for me. “I’m still not sure…”
“How can I convince you?”

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