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Most of All You was such a beautiful read that touched on some delicate issues, but was woven together perfectly to be a wonderful story that will leave you with so much love in your heart! Get it today!
Most of All You
Title: Most of All You
Author: Mia Sheridan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: October 17th 2017

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A broken woman . . .

Crystal learned long ago that love brings only pain. Feeling nothing at all is far better than being hurt again. She guards her wounded heart behind a hard exterior, and carries within her a deep mistrust of men who, in her experience, have only ever used and taken.

A man in need of help . . .
Then Gabriel Dalton walks into her life. Despite the terrible darkness of his past, there’s an undeniable goodness about him. And even though she knows the cost, Crystal finds herself drawn to Gabriel. His quiet strength is wearing down her defenses and his gentle patience is causing her to question everything she thought she knew.

Only love can mend a shattered heart . . .
Crystal and Gabriel never imagined that the world that had stolen everything from them would bring them a deep love like this. Except fate will only take them so far and now the choice is theirs: Harden their hearts once again or find the courage to shed their painful pasts.

Mia Sheridan is one of those writers that weaves stories that will leave an imprint on your soul. Some of her earlier work did that to me and she did so once again with Most of All You. It's about two broken people, with traumatic pasts who slowly piece themselves back together. It's not an easy journey, but both characters learned a lot about themselves and one another.

The prologue shattered my heart seeing how much Ellie lost in her short life so far. She was left in a place that I knew would break her at some point. Jumping into the future, I could see how hard Ellie's life had become, but deep down she had a spark of hope and fight left in her, she just had to believe in herself.

Gabriel was such a sweet and kind guy that had been through hell and survived to be such a great man. Gabe had a great support base, even though he was a little sheltered by his brother. He went looking for help with a delicate issue and he found Crystal (Ellie). Things between them were rocky to begin with but a series of events put them under the one roof. The connection between Ellie and Gabriel was intense, and they were beautiful together. But some things needed time to heal and to be done alone.

I loved how patient Gabriel was, both with his hands as he carved marble for a living, but with his heart too, as he waited for Ellie to believe what he saw in her. Ellie grew into a stronger person and realised what she needed to do to keep the heart of a guy that loved her unconditionally. Most of All You was heartbreaking at times, but it had a tenderness and so much love entwined throughout the pages. Mia Sheridan sure knows how to deliver a read that will leave you with such a book hangover and wanting more! I am intrigued be Gabe's brother Dominic, so I do hope we get to visit this world once again.

Complimentary copy provided by Forever (Grand Central Publishing), via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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This was such a sweet and tender moment, that I HAD to share!

He paused, his thumb moving lightly over my cheekbone, caressing my face like I was precious. “And you, most of all, you. I want to look at you and say, one evil man did not stop me from presenting my heart to the girl who claimed it. You get my heart, Eloise. You. And, God, I hope you want it. But if you don’t, I still won’t regret giving it to you. Even then, I won’t regret loving you because it means I win.”

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Originally inspired by YA Bound
Mia SheridanMia Sheridan is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. Her passion is weaving true love stories about people destined to be together. Mia lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband. They have four children here on earth and one in heaven.

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