Saint Nicholas by Jamie Deschain ~ Review & Quote-tastic (@jamiedeschain)

This was a spontaneous buy, the debut novel by Jamie Deschain. There were a few twists, high's and low's, but overall a good read!
Title: Saint Nicholas
Author: Jamie Deschain
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: September 15th 2015

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"Our love may have been forbidden, but that didn't stop me from giving him my heart."

When I was born I met the man who would destroy my life.
When I was sixteen I met the boy who would help me put it all back together.

Nicholas Rossi was the best thing that ever happened to me. He protected me, loved me, and in the face of all my life had become at home, he gave me hope that maybe someday hell would turn to heaven and everything would be okay.

Then one day he was gone, sending my life into a tailspin I never thought I'd be able to pull out of.

Now, seven years later he's returned, and he's definitely no longer a boy.

The kid everyone used to refer to as Saint Nicholas is all grown up, and only one thing stands in the way of us being together again...


I picked up Saint Nicholas when it was on sale during the month of its release. I must admit, the cover drew me in and I thought it sounded ok in the description, so I 1-clicked it! The story was pretty fast paced and was a bit of a difficult adventure. It touches on some difficult issues like abuse and drug use and how it can tear families and relationships apart.

The story was told in four parts, and I was able to get the perspectives of both Nicolas and Sarah. I liked seeing each of them, understanding their feelings and the issues they were going through.

Part 1
I enjoyed meeting Sarah and Nicholas, I could see that they had a connection from the beginning and I liked how ruthless Nicholas was to be part of Sarah life. My heart broke for Sarah as I learnt her story. It was difficult for her to have a normal life, she was always scared. A lot of the story was told to me, so I didn’t get to see the interaction between the characters and I was unable to connect with them fully.

Part 2
My heart shattered! I didn't think that! What the hell is going to happen now? It was such a huge jump in time too... and only lasted a chapter.

Part 3
Another huge jump in time. It began ok, but I was like WTF! What mother does that and for that long! It obviously didn't help, just made things harder. I liked seeing the relationship develop slowly, even though there were a few hurdles. Both of their lives have changed drastically. Sarah and Nicolas had a lot to face and I was happy to see them to do so together.

Part 4
This final part made me happy! I was so glad that they were able to find true happiness!

Overall, Saint Nicholas was a good read. There were a few moments in the read that I couldn’t wrap my head around, and that is why it dropped in rating. This was Jamie Deschain’s debut novel, and I think this was a solid start to her writing. I’d be interested to see what she will publish next.

Sigh... This was a long time in the making!

“I—I don’t know what to say,” I blubbered.

He looked back over his shoulder at me. “Just say we won’t wait any longer.”

“Any longer for what?”

He spun and took my face, staring straight into my eyes. I gasped at his warm hands on my skin as my own flesh tingled with nervous anticipation. I knew what was coming, and I didn’t want to stop him.

I didn’t want to wait any longer, either.

His lips crashed into mine. A soft moan escaped my throat and I instinctively placed my hands on his bare shoulders before sliding one back around and cupping it at the nape of Nicholas’ neck, feeling every goosebump on him.

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