Swoon Thursday #82 – More Than This by Jay McLean

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More Than This
Author: Jay McLean
Series: More #1
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Published: August 1st 2013 (first published July 10th 2013)
More Than This (More, #1)
I loved this book and had to share a sexy teaser from it today...

I hear something soft drop to the floor. 

And when I turn around, her robe is on the floor and she’s wearing hot pink, matching underwear. All lace. Almost see through, everywhere. The pink contrasts her darker skin, and I swear to god my dick is about to snap right off. 

“Holy shit,” I breathe out. 

She laughs, a shy laugh, her cheeks going red, and her face hiding behind a curtain of her hair. 

I slowly walk towards her, because her body deserves to be taken in slowly, from top to bottom. When I reach her my mouth is dry and I’m sure my dick is tenting my pants but I don’t look because I can’t fucking take my eyes off her body.

When I reach her and I’m inches from her, so close that I can feel her body heat radiating, my fingers move away from my body but stop millimeters from hers. 

“I don’t know what to touch first,” I tell her. 

She closes her eyes softly, “I don’t care, Jake. Just touch me.”

~ Kindle Loc 3404

Holy crap, Jake is so yummy!! You MUST read this series! Review will be up today!!

In one night my fairytale ended. Or it may have begun. This is my story of friendship and love, heartbreak and desire, and the strength to show weakness.

One night I met a girl. A sad and broken girl, but one more beautiful than any other. She laughed through her sadness, while I loved through her heartbreak.

*This is our story of a maybe ever after.*

He was right. It made no difference whether it was 6 months or 6 years.
I couldn’t undo what had been done. I couldn’t change the future.
I couldn’t even predict it.
It was one night.
One night when everything changed.
It was so much more than just the betrayal.
It was the Tragedy.
The Deaths.
The Murders.
But it was also that feeling.
The feeling of falling.

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  1. Is it hot in here or is it just me? *fans self* Holy smokes what a teaser Naomi!

  2. Hahaha!! Glad you liked it! It's all visual! Loved it myself!

  3. Oh... well... That was quite hot!! Definitely a teaser that makes you fan yourself!

  4. Oh wow! Well if that isn't an open invitation, I don't know what is. Great swoon Naomi.
    Hope you are having a good week. The last few days have been pretty busy for me (working). Really looking forward to the long weekend to catch up.

    My Swoon @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  5. Holy cow that was HOT!! I love how beautifully he describes her as he's walking towards her

  6. Oh wow that was a hot one and I loved it! This Jake sounds delish!

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

  7. Great swoon towards the end! I don't know why, but the word 'dick' always turns me off--even as a name. I'm just weird that way. LOL. :)

  8. Holy hotness, Naomi! **swoon** I think you may be the cause of my one-clicking another book, dear! ;)

  9. OMG!!! Major Hotness!!! Just touch her already! LOL

  10. Hehe!! I thought so too... suck a fun book!

  11. I thought it was a sizzling one to share... I loved this book!!

  12. I know!! Jake is just that yummy!!

  13. Oh, he's delish.... with his Aussie accent!! *wink*

  14. Bwahahaha!!! I know! I can't help it!

  15. I know right... that was so sexy!!

  16. Holy crap Naomi! Adding this to my GR RIGHT NOW! I want this!!!!!

  17. Love how he admires her! I've never heard of this book, but it sounds delicious ;)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  18. ooooooh, very nice! I want this. TBR is scowling at me, but I don't care. Love this, especially since it's a male POV moment.
    Thanks so much for stepping by and sharing! =)

  19. It certainly was a great read! Jake is yummy!!

  20. Hehe!! I thought it was a great male Swoony moment! Those male POV's are to die for!!

  21. Daisel @ Owl Always Be ReadingMarch 14, 2014 at 3:46 AM

    Holy guacamole! That was hot, I already see myself falling for Jake! Great pick.

    Check out our special edition Swoon

    Daisel @ Owl Always Be Reading

  22. I know! I loved that one, just had to share!!

  23. Holy hotness! Great swoon! Definitely want to read the rest of this and see what happens next! Great pick!

    Here's My Swoon Thursday

  24. Haha!! Yes, I loved this book!! Jake is so yummy!!

  25. Oh he sounds like such a sweet and awesome guy! Love this swoon! So hawt!

    Check out mine: http://inmysecretbookworld.blogspot.com/2014/07/swoon-thursday-1.html

  26. Hehe...just touch!


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