Review ~ Chasing the Green Fairy by Melanie Karsak

Chasing the Green Fairy (The Airship Racing Chronicles, #2)Title: Chasing the Green Fairy
Author: Melanie Karsak
Series: The Airship Racing Chronicles #2
Genre: Steampunk
Published: March 4th 2014

A sabotaged airship.

A recovering opium addict.

A messenger with life-shattering news.

With the 1824 British airship qualifying race only weeks away, Lily Stargazer is at the top of her game. She’s racing like a pro, truly in love, and living clean. But on one ill-omened day, everything changes. 

Pulled head-long into the ancient secrets of the realm, Lily soon finds herself embroiled in Celtic mysteries and fairy lore. And she’s not quite sure how she got there, or even if she wants to be involved. But Lily soon finds herself chasing the spirit of the realm while putting her own ghosts to rest. And only accepting the truth--about her heart and her country--can save her.

*Due to steamy scenes and depictions of drug use, this novel is intended for mature readers.
Chasing the Green Fairy was a bit different from the first book Chasing the Star Garden, but I still loved it nonetheless. It wasn’t about chasing hidden treasures, but more about unravelling secrets. When something unexpected occurred, it left Lily to pick up the pieces and she questions her decisions.

It was interesting to see Lily's past and seeing her deal with the tragedy that occurred. She was unprepared for it and took it quite hard. She turned back to her dark habits of drinking and opium. When she finally awakens in a haze, she is on a solo mission to discover what will be in her future and to figure out what her heart wants.

Lily's heart has been pulled in different directions for some time and now that she has made a decision, she is forced to face it once again and is unsure if she made the right choice. She goes on a journey of self discovery, which turns out to be an insightful expedition. She learns a lot more than she bargained for and she proves that she is a kind and trustworthy person.

We didn't see a lot of the secondary characters in this book as the majority of the book is while Lily is travelling abroad, but they are still as dedicated as ever. The boys are looking forward to the next race and Sal is expanding his business and is still very much in love with Lily. Lord Byron plays a major role in the book as well and we learn more about when Lily first met him, which was a part of the book I really enjoyed.

Melanie has created a world that I love to dive into. This steampunk world is amazing and I enjoyed the Fey twist to this particular story. The reference to the Green Fairy throughout the book had me a little puzzled, but I liked the direction that it took. Also, when we participate in an actual race with Lily, it always gets my heart pumping!! Chasing the Green Fairy was a bit of an emotional read; I laughed at times but there were moments of sadness that brought tears and shattered my heart. There were a lot of interesting things that occurred and many loose ends in this book, so I'm keen to see where things will go now for Lily.

I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

Melanie Karsak grew up in rural northwestern Pennsylvania where there was an abysmal lack of entertainment, so she turned to reading and hiking. Apparently, rambling around the woods with a head full of fantasy worlds and characters will inspire you to become an author. Be warned. Melanie wrote her first novel, a gripping piece about a 1920s stage actress, when she was 12. A steampunk connoisseur, white elephant collector, and caffeine junkie, the author now resides in Florida with her husband and two children. Melanie is an Instructor of English at Eastern Florida State College.

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  1. I enjoyed this one too Naomi, it made me feel and become more attached to Lily. Wonderful review my thoughts will post on Thursday :)

  2. Thanks Kimberly!! I am keen to see where things go now!! New faces brings uncertain times!!

  3. Oooh I am so excited to read this series!! It is on my schedule for next week *happy dance* Great review!!

    Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.

  4. I have never read steampunk, Naomi. But I like the sound of this series and especially this installment because of the fey element. I will have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing and for a lovely review.

  5. Thanks Silvia!! It has been an enjoyable ride! I love being in this world!!

  6. I am aiming to post the review on the 21st of March. (i just have 1 tour book to read before I can get to it) We could definitely do that if you keen :) Let me know!!

  7. Awesome Review Naomi! I love when a story has a lot of secrets for me to unravel! I just read Kim the Caffeinated Book Reviewer's Review on this, and she loved it a lot too! I love emotional reads, and stories that make me laugh! I think it's neat that you felt like you were part of the race with Lily!!!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  8. Yep, It's fine!! I am happy for that day... now I must read it!! lol

  9. Lily is such a fun character. I love the world building by this author, she is pretty darn good!!

  10. I can't wait to read this one!! Loved the first book!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  11. The first was a good one, but so much went on in this one!! I am keen for more now!!

  12. I remember your review of the first instalment and I'm pleased to hear this second book also worked well for you! :)
    Fab review, Naomi, you really got me curious!!

  13. Good!! I really enjoyed both books!! What day are you scheduling? Should we post the same day?

  14. I enjoy it! It's refreshing to have a different type of fantasy world to escape into!!


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