Release Day Review ~ Lingerie for Felons by Ros Baxter

Lingerie for FelonsTitle: Lingerie for Felons
Author: Ros Baxter
Genre: Romance
Published: March 1st 2014

If there’s one universal truth, it’s this: You’re always wearing your worst underwear when you land in trouble.

Lola’s parents told her that everyone can make a difference. And she believed them. She’s been fighting the good fights since she was eleven years old. But at 23, Lola falls hard for an Australian stockbroker who thinks Doctors Without Borders is a porno and Joni Mitchell sounds like a harp seal being battered to death. She cuts him loose, but over the next fifteen years, through protests, misunderstandings, humiliating predicaments, and a number of poor underwear choices, their lives and paths continue to converge.

Along the way, Lola learns a few important life lessons: Never wear a red lace thong to a strip search. Make sure you take motion sickness pills if you’re going to the Southern Ocean to save the whales. And sometimes, Mr Right can be all wrong, and Mr Wrong just needs time to find the right path.

Funny, touching, emotional and political, Lingerie for Felons is Bridget Jones meets An Inconvenient Truth, about doing the right thing, finding the right person, and always thinking through your underwear choices.
In the book description, Lingerie for Felons is described as Bridget Jones meets An Inconvenient Truth, which I think is an excellent description. The main character, Lola, always finds herself in trouble when she is passionate about something and those few instances she lands in handcuffs! But every time she does, she contemplates the underwear she is wearing! Then her quirky, dysfunctional family try to come to the rescue and usually turn things around to make it about themselves.

I liked Lola; she is smart, caring and witty. She has strong morals and wants to make the word a better place. She is a mathematical genius but is unsure of what she really wants to pursue in life. Lola stands up for what she believes, even those that she is close to don’t really understand. That is why she struggled in her relationship with Wayne and broke it off, but each time she gets into trouble, Wayne is always there. We venture with Lola in these adventures and often skip back to the past, so that we can see what has happened and to understand her better.

Her relationship with Wayne, the hot Aussie, was never smooth, but there is a strong connection between them. They are from different worlds, both on the wealth scale and the circles they run. For the most part they get along and Lola’s family loves him, but some of their interests are different and Lola breaks it off. So over the next 14 years, they both move on and live their lives, occasionally crossing paths again.

Lola’s family and friends are quite the unconventional bunch. They all handle pressure differently and take things too lightly. For example, if you are in jail you expect you parents to worry about you, but no… they turn it into a social visit and talk about school and the thesis!! But Lola knows that these people will be there for her no matter what crazy scheme she comes up with next.

This book was written in six parts over 14 years of Lola’s life. There were no defined chapters, but I think this style of writing was done perfectly for Lola. Her inner dialogue was quite amusing at times and you really get swept away with her eccentric thinking and reasoning. Ros did an exceptional job taking us on the roller coaster ride of Lola’s life, dealing with a lot of emotional issues that affect us all. If you are looking for a witty romance that will touch your heart and leave you feeling that love is worth waiting for, pick this one up for sure!!

I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. LOL I love the title. Sounds like a fun one and pretty interesting. Hadn't heard of the author before but will be checking em out now :)

  2. How the book is written, very interesting. I don't think I've heard/seen a book that is written like that. It does sound like a fun read. Great review!!

  3. I like witty romances that are touching! The Bridget Jones Diary is such a good movie, and I imagine that I would love Lola's sweet, witty, and caring character. The fact that she is from a different world than Wayne makes for a very interesting story! Great Review!!!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  4. 14 years in one book would probably be really hard to do but the story sounds sweet and touching, glad you enjoyed it

  5. She is a fabulous Aussie author. I have read a few things from her now and enjoyed them all.

  6. It is certainly different, but it keeps you on your toes!!

  7. Hehe! Yes, she certainly is from a different world, but she sure was entertaining!!

  8. It focuses mainly on certain times over that 14 years, so it is quite well done!!


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