Review ~ Waking Up In Bedlam by Mia Bishop

Waking Up In Bedlam
Title: Waking Up In Bedlam
Author: Mia Bishop
Series: The Arcadian Veil #1
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Published: November 14th 2013

Ryder is a fake- and he knows it. He spends his days pretending to be a paranormal investigator and his nights entertaining groups of believers with his claims of communicating with the dead. Life is good and business is booming until the night a beautiful woman storms out of his seminar and a mysterious man drops an unexplainable case in his lap. Ryder finds out the world he thought was fake is actually real and even worse, he has become the paranormal world's most wanted.

Jessa wants answers and the human, Ryder, is the only one who can give them to her. She has one goal, keep him alive long enough to figure our why he has been haunting her dreams. The only problem is the more time she spends with him the more she realizes the answers she seeks are ones she isn't ready to face.

Can either one of them accept what fate has laid out for them? Or will they fight their destiny at the cost of everyone they hold dear?
What can I say but Wow!! If this type of book is what I am going to get from a new author in her debut novel, there are going to be many great projects from her in the future!! I was quickly swept away in the thrilling plot and into the paranormal world! I loved it and I am keen for more!!

Jessa is having dreams of a man… He is gorgeous and certainly knows how to pleasure a woman. She knows that she cannot have him, but will take on any task her King asks of her just to see him. I liked Jessa, she is the kind of girl that will protect what is hers and will do anything for her family. She is pretty selfless, but her priorities soon shift when she meets Ryder in the flesh.

Ryder is a paranormal investigator, but believes it is a hoax. He makes a lot of money from it, so continues to do so. His job has put him in danger and soon he is exposed to the paranormal world, everything from fae, witches, ogres to werewolves. His world is turned upside-down in a matter of days. He is a pretty good guy and has lived a troubled but sheltered life, and when his true heritage is unravelled, the action really picks up!

What I really loved about this book was the amazing plot! We are quickly drawn into a case that will dig into both characters pasts. Each time a secret was unveiled, I became more excited about the direction of the book. Fae are fun to read about as they are always backstabbing each other, so you cannot trust anyone. But amidst the gripping plot, there is plenty of hot, steamy romance, which had my toes curling. There is a definite connection between these two which cannot be denied! For her debut novel, I think that Mia has done a splendid job. She has created a new world that I enjoyed and am dying to see more of. If I was to pick one negative, it would be how moody the characters appeared in the beginning… hot one minute, cold the next!!

I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I love when a book gets into you so much and, considering this is a debut novel, I would have been enthusiastic as much as you. Great review, Naomi!

  2. This plot does sound great and worthy.

  3. Aww... thanks Silvia!! This was a fun read, and Mia did do an awesome job with it! Looking forward to more from her!!

  4. Jenea WhittingtonMay 23, 2015 at 9:11 AM

    This does sounds like a really good one. Ryder sounds yummy. Great review!


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