Review ~ I Am Yours by Faith Sullivan

I Am Yours (Heartbeat, #3)Title: I Am Yours
Author: Faith Sullivan
Series: Heartbeat #3
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Published: October 8th 2013

Adam is at a crossroads.

He has Katie on his mind and Jada in his bed.

Now with the ultimate choice before him, he must decide between fantasy and reality.

Katie's his dream girl, but Jada's his best friend, his partner. As a paramedic, he's supposed to save lives, not wreck them. Yet his failure to commit leaves a trail of heartache in his wake.

Things come to a head at his brother's wedding when a surprise announcement leaves Adam scrambling to pick up the pieces. Sure, women find his shaggy blond hair and aquamarine eyes irresistible. But to him, sex is nothing more than a means of escape ... until it turns into a psychological trap.

His mind is telling him one thing, while his heart is beating another. He's not sure what he wants when it comes to a serious relationship. Sorting out his feelings, he finally comes to a startling realization. He is capable of love.

But what if it's too late?
I found that I Am Yours was so different from the previous books in the series. They were focused on the paramedic world and the characters building their relationships, whereas this book is more about determining the correct path for each character and unravelling secrets from the past.

Jada I loved when I first met her. She is a strong willed girl and doesn't let people walk over her, if she can help it. She struggles a lot in this book as she deals with Adam and her feelings. She can't help but care for him and to set things straight, even if it means letting him go in the end.

Adam frustrated me so many times in this book. He tries so hard to follow his heart and doesn't seem to care who he crushes along the way. I was ready to shake him, truly, I was. But thank goodness for the girl that set everything straight, so he can see who he really needs in his life.

I Am Yours was a hard book to put down and I was a little conflicted about how this story played out. The physiological element was an interesting twist, which in turn changed the direction the characters were heading in life but in the end I liked how it all turned out. Lots of loose ends were tied up and there were plenty of swoon scenes to satisfy my hunger *wink*. Faith has done a great job telling the Heartbeat story and I'm looking forward to reading her other projects!

I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Glad that the characters ended up in good place, even if the journey there wasn't exactly what you were hoping for. I always think that series enders must be so difficult to write!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. This is a series that I seriously need to add. Sounds really good. Wonderful review.

  3. I am so glad I don't do it!! I can not imagine the stress this does to authors! I'm looking forward to more of Faith's work for sure!

  4. It has been good!! Didn't see this twist coming though!!

  5. Faith's stories seem to always have big twists in them. The first and second books endings in this series completely caught me off guard. I wonder what twist this book had. I have this book for review next month. Excellent Review! Thanks for sharing :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  6. Yep, she sure knows how to throw massive twists in. She surprises me every time!! lol


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