Review – Hera, Queen of Gods by T.D. Thomas

Title: Hera, Queen of Gods
Author: T.D. Thomas
Series: Goddess Unbound #1
Genre: YA Paranormal
Published: October 3rd 2012

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Book Description

Hera couldn't care less what the other gods think, even when it's about her. And it often is. Frankly, Hera couldn't care less about anything, except doing her duty as queen - protecting order and defending the mortal world against any threats. But when the Fates go missing, Hera and a handful of other gods must temporarily become mortal to search the human world for the missing goddesses.

Hera finds that mortality begins to change her. It's not just the loss of her divine powers. She expected that. It's deeper somehow. It's affecting how she thinks, how she feels, what's important to her. And it gets much worse after she meets Justin, who defies every prejudice she once had about mortals. At the worst possible time, and despite all her efforts, Hera's black-and-white world starts to unravel.

Torn between who she's becoming and who she needs to be in order to fulfill her duty, Hera must survive a horde of murderous creatures sent to exploit her new weakness. In the end, only Hera can stop a traitorous plot conceived by a secret alliance of ancient and new enemies, a plot that threatens to destroy not only the order Hera is sworn to protect, but all of existence itself.

My Review

If you love books packed with action, fights, evil creatures and lots of Gods, this is the book for you. From the very beginning I was intrigued by the storyline and soon I was addicted and read the whole book in one day!! It is definitely my kind of book and I Hera is now one of my favourite heroine’s!!

Hera and six other Gods have descended from the heavens and taken possession of human bodies. They were only able to bring one power with them so they all chose their favourite powers which are all different. The reason that they have come to earth is that someone has kidnapped the Fates and these seven Gods have decided that they will work together to locate them and return things to normal before chaos breaks loose. The town in which they are now living is clouded from the heavens so they are not able to pinpoint exactly where the Fates are. They have to use outside resources to help them and to figure out who has taken the Fates and what they are using them for.

I really like Hera, she is the Queen of all the Gods and when she is on Earth she is a complete bitch!! Lol!! She thinks of herself better than everyone, she doesn’t like people to look at her, speak to her or touch her in anyway and is quick to rip your head off if you cross her. I enjoyed seeing a heroine like that, who doesn’t hold back what she is really thinking! So during their mission on earth, she has to adapt to the mortal body she is in and deal with humans directly, even though she doesn’t like them. It is amusing to watch Hera struggle with her emotions and her change of attitude and she is quick to blame the mortal body for these changes. Even though Hera’s attitude may be changing she is still determined to complete the mission at any cost and is willing to bring Justin, who is a mortal in to help. There is something about him that she cannot resist and decides to keep him close to figure him out.

As I said before, this book was action packed. Right from the beginning they need to work hard and run into lots of obstacles along the way. Everything they do is being monitored and it is hard to formulate plans when someone is watching. What I liked was that quite often the plan they formulated wouldn’t work and they would have to move onto the next option. Lots of rituals were performed throughout their journey and it was fascinating to read about not only the Gods but Witches performing them.

There is a scene that had me cracking up and it was when the Gods were finally able to stop and rest for a moment. Hera decides to have a drink of alcohol to see what the fuss is about, and before long she gotten drunk by herself. She is hilarious when everyone returns and starts making conversation with her and in the end they decide to head out and party for the night!!

I thought Hera, the Queen of Gods was an amazing book and T.D. Thomas did an awesome job telling the story. There are plenty of twists and turns in the book and it is very hard to pick the direction the plot was heading. There isn’t any romance in the book, but there may be potential for it in the future. The one issue I had was the book ended, I tried to turn the page and there were no more pages… Argh…… I want to know what happens next!!

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About the Author

When he's not battling to save Azeroth from its latest calamity, T.D. Thomas lives with six (that’s right: six!) of his closest friends in a far-too-tiny house in the frosty north known as Canada.

There, they are all ruled over by a little white dog named Teo, who firmly believes he's a reincarnated Egyptian pharaoh and demands to be treated as such.

T.D.'s favourite things include personal space, temperatures above 0 degrees Celsius, and cats who don't take guff from pretentious little white dogs.

NOTE: Teo’s reign of terror is currently being challenged by a new Schnauzer puppy with no respect for the chain of command.

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