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Welcome to my stop of the Before There Were Angels book tour which has been brought to you by Bewitching Book Tours. Today I have Sarah’s Guest Post as well as a summary of the book and you can learn a little more about the author. Don't forget to visit the other blogs on this tour for more information about this book and the author.

Title: Before There Were Angels
Author: Sarah Mathews
Genre: Paranormal Horror
Published: January 17th 2013

Book Description

She was the ex-wife who wouldn't go away

When Luke leaves his wife, Rafaella, divorces her, moves to the US, meets Belle, falls in love with her, and then marries her and her two young sons, they all settle down to live happily ever after.

Until Belle spots an ad for a classic San Franciscan Victorian in which four murders have just taken place. It's ideal: it's a Victorian, it is probably haunted and it is unbelievably cheap to rent.

However, they could probably have done without the terror, torment and tragedy that pursued them in their new house.

Should they have stayed in their cozy mid-city apartment and spared themselves the anguish of what was to come? Possibly, but Rafaella was not the kind of woman who was ever going to leave them alone.

Guest Post

A horror story about love....

Whether you consider it a commercially exploitive gimmick or an excellent opportunity to tell someone that you love them, there is no getting away from Valentine’s Day these days. Personally I’m a hopeless romantic – which is why I was so fascinated when I heard the story from a friend of a friend about a marriage that ended not only in madness, but eerie paranormal activity.

Whilst there is a fair amount of imagination used in Before There Were Angels, I was gripped by my friend’s account of how an acquaintance had been quite certain that they had been the victim, or rather the destination for a person that was able to perform astral-travel.

Even the most dedicated ghost hunters might raise an eyebrow at such a story, but so strong was this tale of a marriage gone bad and a wife who refused to let go – quite literally – that I had to put fingertip to keypad and turn it into a novel.

The resulting book is, I suppose, a horror first and for most. It is however loosely based on a true story – or rather a story that a friend of a friend believes to be true, and that, I believe makes it a little different to other novels I have turned my hand to.

I’d like to thank Naomi for giving me the opportunity to showcase the novel here and hope that I might have peaked your interest enough to purchase it – and if so, I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it... though with luck you will not experience some of the rather creepy things that I did – such as an ashtray flying off a shelf behind me and smacking me on the head one day whilst writing a particularly unflattering account of the spurned woman in the story.

Can people really astrally project? I really don’t know. But I’ve got 3 stitches and a bald patch and one hell of a story to tell....

Thank you to all readers – for there could be no writers without you –

Sarah Mathews

Thanks Sarah for a great post. It was my pleasure to host your book today! 

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About the Author

Sarah Mathews lives in San Francisco and has written her first book set in an architectural symbol of the city - a 'Victorian'.

There is the slight  problem that while there are reputedly several ghosts who march around the city, there are very few murders that take place there, however Sarah seems to have corrected that.


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  1. thanks for the giveaway. the book looks really interesting

  2. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. Knowing that Before There Were Angels is loosely based on a friend of a friend's experiences adds an additional element of chills and anticipation for the read - looking forward to it ;)

  3. It is a bit chilly isn't it?? And sounds like a great read!

  4. The title is catching!!! The house is just creepy too!!

  5. I have to admit that the title alone caught my eye. Seems interesting to find out Rafaella's connection to the haunted house!


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