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Welcome to my stop of The Nymph’s Labyrinth book tour which has been brought to you by Bewitching Book Tours. Today I have an Excerpt, a summary of the book and you can learn a little more about the author Danica Winters. There is a tour wide giveaway at the bottom of this post for you to enter too!! Don't forget to visit the other blogs on this tour for more information about this book and the author.

Title: The Nymph’s Labyrinth
Series: The Nymph Series Book 1
Author: Danica Winters
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Date of Publication: 31st December 2012   

Book Description:

A world shrouded in mystery and intrigue, the Sisterhood of Epione must not be exposed. 

A Shape-shifting nymph, Ariadne, is tasked with keeping the truth of her group’s existence and their ancient mysteries far out of reach of an American archeologist and his troublemaking son.  When forgotten and forbidden passions are awakened, Ariadne is forced to make a choice—fall in line and continue to be overrun and pushed down by the sisterhood, or follow her heart and put everyone’s lives in danger.

Can Ariadne have the man she loves or will the pressure and secrets of the past keep her from her heart’s desire?

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Breaking her gaze, Ariadne stuffed the handle of the trowel in her back pocket and pushed the emptied box under her arm. The dirt from the edge crumbled beneath her fingers as she pulled away. Stumbling backward, she shoved her body into the tight space between a column and the earthen wall.
Hopefully he wouldn’t come into the pit where she was hiding. A confrontation wasn’t ideal. No, it was supposed to be in and out, as Kat had instructed.
Ariadne tried to slow her heart as she stood still, a human bridge between the memories of the past and the terror of the future. So much was at stake—her life, her culture, her species.
The car door slammed shut and crisp footsteps approached the pit. Ariadne pushed her body back as far as it would go against the crumbling wall. The tight space made her heart race faster, and a bead of sweat slid down her forehead —she was a trapped animal.
So…tight. She must stay calm.
He moved closer, and her breath quickened. She needed to get out. Though he couldn’t kill her if he found her, trying to explain her presence would be next to impossible.
Shifting was an option, to strike at him with her serpent fangs—a couple of well-placed bites and he would no longer be a problem. But to kill…it was so permanent.
I shouldn’t have come here.
She sat the box down in front of her feet and closed her eyes. Shifting was the only option.
Shuffling her feet, they scraped against the dry soil. Her eyes sprang open. The sounds of the man moving toward the pit stopped.
“Who’s there?” the man said, his smooth voice breaking the tense silence.
Ariadne didn’t answer. Holding her breath, she peered out from behind the column. A pattering rain of dirt announced the man’s entry into the pit. His thick, brown hair shimmered in the moonlight and silhouetted his V-shaped torso.
The beam of his flashlight bounced around the cave, and she pulled back, deeper into the small space.
The light moved away from her and she peered around the darkened corner. The man’s back was to her, as he faced out into the night. His feet were in front of the disturbed patch of soil, but he didn’t seem to notice. Thank the gods.
Pulling the trowel from her pocket, Ariadne sat it on the ground. Closing her eyes, her arms pulled into her sides and her legs blended together. Her teeth grew longer and sharpened in her mouth. There was a quiet thump as her clothes fell to the ground. The man turned toward the sound as her body dropped to the ground.
The light flashed above her, but he must not have seen her and he turned back.
Her smooth body snaked around the cardboard box and past the edge of the column as he pulled a bottle from his pocket and took a long drag.
The ocean wasn’t far. Beau’s body would be easy to hide.

About the Author
Danica Winters is a bestselling author who is known for writing award-winning books that grip readers with their ability to drive emotion through suspense and often a touch of magic. 

She is also the Marketing and Promotions Manager for Books To Go Now publishing.  When she’s not working she can be found in the wilds of Montana working on her patience while she tries to understand the allure of various crafts (quilting, pottery and painting are not her thing).  She always believe the cup is neither half full nor half empty, but it better be filled with wine.

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