Review ~ Between Commitment and Betrayal by Shain Rose

Between Commitment and Betrayal (Hardy Billionaire Brothers, #1)Between Commitment and Betrayal by Shain Rose
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the second book in the series that I have read and I was super excited to see Declan and Everly’s story unfold. The premise had me excited, and I was keen to see these two get together. Declan was older than Everly, but was drawn to her early, although Everly thought that he disliked her. I liked watching their connection grow, and it was amusing to see them grow closer. I also really love Declans siblings!

As much as I wanted to love this story, it fell flat for me. I found the forced marriage aspect hard to believe, and felt that these adults were a bit childish. The back and forth was frustrating, Everly’s sister Anastasia was a pain that put a weird spanner in the works. More often than not I was frustrated with the read and skipped bits. I think a little too much drama was injected in the read, it needed to be a bit more simple.

Title: Between Commitment and Betrayal
Author: Shain Rose
Series: Hardy Billionaire Brothers #1
Genre: Sports Contemporary Romance
Published: March 23, 2023

My father's business partner will do anything for the empire they built together...Even marry me.

Declan Hardy, All-American heartthrob and retired NFL billionaire, is my complete opposite.
He's commanding where I'm cooperative.
Spontaneous while I am deliberate.
Loud when I stay quiet.
The only thing we have in common is that both our names are on my father's will.

He'll inherit the fitness and hospitality empire and I'll keep the one thing I hold dear.
As long as I marry him—with conditions.

One year of a fake marriage.
One year of living together.
One year of pretending I belong in his luxury lifestyle.

But stipulations are never that simple.

Especially when I can't tell if his kisses are fake or if I'm pretending when I kiss him back.
And as more conditions arise, it's clear there's a fine line between commitment and betrayal... and neither of us knows where that line falls.

Between Commitment and Betrayal is a billionaire, forced proximity, fake marriage of convenience and a father’s business partner novel. It is a complete standalone by Shain Rose.

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