Audiobook Review ~ Not My Kind of Hero by Pippa Grant

Not My Kind of HeroNot My Kind of Hero by Pippa Grant
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Maisey and her daughter came back to her Uncles home town after he left the house to her. She had walked away from a bad relationship, and a career that made her look bad. She wanted a clean start for herself and her daughter. Her initial meeting with Flint was quite dramatic and I laughed at Earl the bear and what unfolded!

Seeing what Maisey endured made my heart ache, she wanted the best for Juni and her decisions held her back. Flint realised that what he initially thought of Maisey wasn’t true and he had underestimated her. The attraction between them continued to grow, but Maisey was determined to keep Juni as her first priority and her happiness was second.

I enjoyed all the small town stories and how close this community was. Not My Kind of Hero was a fun and sweet read, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. The narration by Savannah Peachwood and Connor Crais was done perfectly, and I liked how they portrayed the characters. They told Pippa Grants story so well that I was easily drawn into the world.

Title: Not My Kind of Hero
Author: Pippa Grant
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: August 15, 2023

From USA Today bestselling author Pippa Grant comes a rollicking romantic comedy about a single mom and a grumpy math teacher tackling their differences on a Wyoming ranch.

I knew fixing up my life with a fresh start on the hobby ranch I inherited in Hell’s Bells, Wyoming, would come with challenges. Things like snow. Wildlife. Local gossip about why my daughter and I are here.

But the biggest challenge?

My surly new tenant.

He’s like a bear. Fascinating from a distance, but don’t get too close, or he’ll bite.

His personality should be a good thing. I have no need of a new man in my life. But he’s not only my tenant; he’s also my daughter’s math teacher and soccer coach. I keep running into him. He keeps thinking I need to be saved.

Maybe I do, but here’s what I don’t expect: he’s a fixer-upper in need of saving too.

And I might be the only woman for the job.

Hell’s Bells, help me.

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