My Accidental Forever by Alexis Winter ~ Review & Teaser (@alexis_author)

Alexis Winter is an author that I have picked up recently, and I am really enjoying her light and amusing worlds. My Accidental Forever was an entertaining read where both characters fall for one another after a visit to jail and an accidental marriage!
My Accidental Forever (Love You Forever, #5)
Title: My Accidental Forever
Author: Alexis Winter
Series: Love You Forever
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: January 4th 2021

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Girl meets boy.
Girl gets arrested.
Boy bails girl out of jail.
Boy and girl get married?

Not exactly how all good fairytales start but hey, I’m not exactly a princess—more like a hot mess dancing on a table.
One thing I know for sure, true love’s first kiss didn’t take place in a police precinct followed by a scorching one-night stand.

Foster Wilder was my knight in shining armor that night but we both know he can’t be my happily ever after.

I’m determined to stay single, while his family is determined to marry him off to a billion-dollar heiress.

But with rings on our fingers and ‘I Do’s’ said, it looks like that plan is out the window.

We were supposed to get divorced.
His parents weren’t supposed to find out.
And I sure as hell wasn’t supposed to fall in love and end up pregnant with his baby.

I’ve gotten myself into a lot of situations but this one takes the cake…the wedding cake.

After reading another of Alexis Winter's books, I decided I had to try more of her work, so I went back to pick up My Accidental Forever. Foster and Harley's book was quite amusing as I watched two people who weren’t into commitment, fall madly in love!

Harley and Foster’s first few encounters were so funny! I could see that they had a connection, but Harley was focused on being a good friend. When Foster had to bail Harley out of jail, I was laughing, seeing her so humiliated! Ever the gentleman, Foster was willing to look after her until she was able to go home.

These two had amazing chemistry, and I could see them falling in love. Their quick Vegas trip was what I expected, and they didn’t freak out as much as I thought they would. Foster had family issues to overcome, as they had put a lot of pressure on him and his friend Bianca. He had to figure that out and to re-evaluate his future before he could decide whether Harley was the one.

The thing that annoyed me was all the inner dialogue as both Harley and Foster were trying to understand their feelings. It felt like we were going over the same issues and they wouldn’t speak about it. Overall, it was quite a sweet read and I think I’d like to read more books in this series!

Both of these teasers I found amusing!!

“...You still have my card, right?”
I nod. “I do.”
“Use it. Anytime.”
There’s a pen in the cup holder between us and I grab it, then take his hand in mine. I write my number on the back of his hand, but instead of writing my name, I draw a small set of boobs.
He looks down at it and laughs out loud. “So I guess I should call you ‘tits’ from now on, huh?”
I smile. “Most men couldn’t get away with that, but I might just come when you call.”
His eyes grow darker. “Oh, you’ll come all right,” he replies.

Kindle Page 29

“...Now, back to how easy I am . . .” I joke, climbing into his lap.
I kiss him but he pulls away. “I hope I’m the only one you’re this easy with,” he adds on with a smirk.
I giggle. “Well, to be honest, I’ve also already been sold to a family friend. His dad traded my dad two goats and a horse.” That makes him laugh and he flips me over so I’m lying on the couch with him on top of me, between my legs.
“That’s not funny.”
“Why not?” I ask as his lips come down to my neck.
“Because I’d pay at least four goats for you.”

Kindle Page 56

Alexis Winter is a contemporary romance author who loves to share her steamy stories with the world. She specializes in sexy billionaires, cocky alphas, brooding bad boys and the women they love.

If you love to curl up with a good romance book you will certainly enjoy her work. Whether it's a story about an innocent young woman learning about the world or a sassy and fierce heroin who knows what she wants you,'re sure to enjoy the happily ever afters she provides.

When Alexis isn't writing away furiously, you can find her exploring the Rocky Mountains, traveling, enjoying a glass of wine or petting a cat.

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