The Worst Best Man by Lucy Score ~ Review & Teaser (@lucyscorewrites)

After reading my first Lucy Score book, I knew I had to try some more of her work. The Worst Best Man sounded like a catastrophe waiting to happen, so I dived right in!
The Worst Best Man
Title: The Worst Best Man
Author: Lucy Score
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: February 9th 2018

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"Newsflash. You don't buy me, a$#%^*e. You earn me."

The bride is a doll. The groom is the perfect gentleman. But the rest of the wedding party? They're the stuff of nightmares. Rich? Check. Vapid? Double Check. Entitled? Not enough checks in the world. And the Best Man? More like the Worst Man.

But Maid of Honor Franchesca takes her duties seriously. Kidnapped groom? She's got this. Rude attendees? You just watch her handle them. So a Best Man with a big attitude and an even bigger...checkbook? Yeah, there's no way she's going to let that pretentious, judgmental jackhole ruin her best friend's wedding. No matter how sexy he is. (Well, that's the plan anyway...)

Aiden Kilbourn doesn't do long-term relationships. He's busy ruling the business world, and has yet to find a woman he can tolerate for longer than a month, two at the outside, anyway. Conquering the unconquerable is basically his bread and butter. And he hasn't met a challenge that he can't win. But Franchesca Baranski? This smart-mouthed girl from Brooklyn may just be his downfall.

I just knew this would be an entertaining read after reading my first Lucy Score book, By A Thread. This particular read is told from the third person POV, and it was just what I had expected; well fleshed out characters, interesting situations and a bit of drama to keep me on my toes.

Franchesca was such a nice character to read about. She was determined to make this wedding perfect for her best friend and was willing to do anything to make it happen. Aiden and Franchesca's relationship got off to the wrong start, as Aiden was a bit rude but Franchesca was the type of girl to brush it off and be the better person. The chemistry between them was there from the beginning and continued to grow throughout the story.

I felt that this read had so much going on, and the characters were willing to put everything on the line to get things back on track once again. I was able to get both Franchesca and Aiden's perspectives, which helped tell the whole story. Lucy Score did it once again, weaving an amusing world, likeable characters and a sizzling romance to create another great read.
This was one amusing kiss, Franchesca was trying to hold back but realised she needed more!

“I’m going to kiss you,” he warned her. “And then we’re going to go inside and have lunch. And then I’m going to take you home and fuck you.”
The thrill rushed over her as he reached for her.
“Fine, but no tongue. You know my pants fall off when you do that.”
He was grinning at her with something like joy. He laid a very chaste kiss on her mouth before pulling back.
“How was that?”
“My pants still want to fall off. Let’s get in your car and drive away and jump straight to the sex,” she suggested.

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Lucy grew up in rural Pennsylvania with a lot of time on her hands and a big imagination. She was the oldest of three in a literary household. Dinners were often spent in silence while family members had their noses buried in books. A passion for writing took hold at five when she taught her brother to write his name on the bathroom door. 

She started writing (on paper) in the second grade, first about pilgrims on the Mayflower and over the years graduated to essays, articles, blogs, and finally books. 

Before becoming a full-time writer, Lucy pretended to be a normal adult by holding down jobs that included event planner, bartender, newspaper lackey, and yoga instructor. 

Lucy and Mr. Lucy, enjoy spending time with their ten nieces and nephews and are determined to learn to sail so they can live on a sailboat in the Caribbean someday.

Lucy Score

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