The Royal Rogue by Karina Halle ~ Review & Teaser (@MetalBlonde)

I think I've found a new favourite Prince... Orlando sure was able to get under Stella's skin and they were hot together. After being a single mother for so long it was good to see Stella let go, if only for a little while!
The Royal Rogue (Nordic Royals, #4)
Title: The Royal Rogue
Author: Karina Halle
Series: Nordic Royals #4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: October 18th 2019

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Every family has a black sheep - even the royal ones.

In the royal family of Denmark, that black sheep is me. Princess Stella, the scandalous divorcee, the only single mom in the family. It doesn't bother me what people say. It's always been me and my daughter against the world.

Then that world of mine gets turned upside down.

Prince Orlando of Monaco, whom the media has dubbed "The Royal Rogue" for many good reasons, comes to stay. The lewd words that leave his lips are inappropriate in any company. He seems to enjoy getting under my skin- and pretty soon, under my royal bedclothes as well.

It's just a brief but torrid affair. Full of hot, dirty sex and nothing else.

Until that nothing else turns into something more, in the form of a big surprise.

I thought I got that wicked royal rogue out of my system but there's a link between us now that neither of us can ignore.

A baby.

**The Royal Rogue is the 4th book in the Nordic Royals series but, like the other books in the series, can be read as a complete standalone**

I've read all the books in this series so far, so imagine my surprise when I realised that Stella was getting her own book! I met her in Askel's book and I love that she was getting a second chance to find her own HEA.

Oh my... Prince Orlando... He certainly knew what he wanted and was not shy at going after it! I loved his first encounter with Stella and the chemistry that they shared. She was very reserved to begin with, but his dirty talk and how sizzling they were together had me captivated. When the story shifted, my heart ached for both of them and I could see how it impacted both of them, but add in the unplanned pregnancy, and I knew they would find their way back together.

Prince Orlando was portrayed as a player, with an on-and-off-again girlfriend. He had an instant connection with Stella and I liked seeing them together. When they crossed paths again due to her pregnancy, he still didn't appear to be that kind of player, and he wasn't as forward as he was previously. He was willing to wait for Stella to make all the moves.

Stella was such a sweet person, who had been burnt by a man before, so I could see why she kept Orlando at arms length for as long as she did. She slowly let him in and I liked seeing them together, but neither of them were willing to bare all with all the complications in their lives. I liked Orlando's friend, Zoya to begin with, then she showed her selfish side which irked me. I did like that we saw a lot of Askel and Aurora, the kidlets and Snarf Snarf!

I'm continuing to enjoy Halle's stories and each unique relationship she throws at me. These royal reads hook me every time, and I'm hoping that this is not the end of them because I cannot get enough!

Prince Orlando sure has a way with words and able to bury himself into Stella's heart.

He leans in close, his breath hot on my cheek. “I like you. I liked this. So I’m just reaching out and telling you the truth. We both have roles to play, roles that were handed to us. But they don’t have to define us. And they don’t have to contain us.” He places a slow kiss at my cheek. “Believe me, Your Highness, when I say that I know.”

Kindle Page 37

“I can’t explain how I feel about you and I’m not going to try. But I’m strangely drawn to you, Stella. Your name means star and there’s nothing more fitting. It’s like when the sky is black and there’s that one bright light shining above you. It doesn’t matter where you look, your gaze is drawn to that star every time you look up.”
She stares at me for a moment and I see the softness come over her brow, as if she’s letting herself believe me. But then it fades. She frowns. “You’re just saying that because I’m the mother of your unborn child.”
She says it like a joke, but for once I’m not smiling. “It’s not just that,” I tell her, hoping she can see the sincerity inside me. “There’s something deep inside me that sees something deep inside you. It sees we are the same.”

Kindle Page 132
Karina HalleKarina Halle is a former travel writer & music journalist and The New York Times, Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling author of The Swedish Prince, The Pact, Love, in English, The Artists Trilogy, Bad at Love & over 45 other wild and romantic reads. She lives on an island off the coast of British Columbia with her husband and her adopted pup Bruce, where she drinks a lot of wine, hikes a lot of trails and devours a lot of books.

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