Fearless and Falling by Season Vining ~ Review & Teaser (Season Vining)

I've been meaning to read Season Vining's work for a while now, so when I stumbled across Fearless and Falling, I snapped it up! It really was a sweet read, with a little bit of mystery entwined throughout to keep me thinking!
Fearless and Falling
Title: Fearless and Falling
Author: Season Vining
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: March 18th 2019

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Angela Lavelle has been in love since third grade. A heated argument over superheroes left her reeling in the wake of Logan Sawyer and his charming, know-it-all smile. After a lifetime in the same small town, this art geek still feels invisible to the guy she knows is destined for her. Finally, Angela is ready to give destiny a shove.

Logan Sawyer is adored by the whole town, even taking a place next to his father as a sheriff’s deputy, with aspirations of becoming a detective. When a certain redheaded waitress finally catches his attention, he wonders how he’s been so blind to Angela hiding in plain sight. But there’s the mysterious circumstances of her father’s death tugging at Logan’s detective instincts. Could Angela be the one to break the case wide open? Or will their secrets destroy any chance at a happily-ever-after?

I picked up this one after reading the description, and I was really excited to try Season Vining's writing. I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by this book and I know that I will try more of her work in the future. I liked the way she built the world, and that the characters had secrets that they needed to face so that they could move forward.

Angela was a sweet girl, who was working to get herself through school. I liked that she was driven and had goals, however she lacked confidence and was kind of invisible in high school. With a gentle push from her friend, she finally flirted with her high school crush, and he finally saw her.

Logan was under pressure and to pursue a career as a detective, he needed to solve a cold case. He didn't expect develop feelings for the quiet little art nerd, who was close to his case. I liked they way he would come into the diner to eat and visit Angela.

It was sweet seeing Angela and Logan's relationship grow. Despite Logan's reputation, he tried very hard to woo Angela. They had more in common than either of them realised. There were a few characters that were introduced that I'd like to see more of, so I'd like to come back to this world again!

I really liked the connection between Angela and Logan, and although things didn't go well, I liked how sweet he was here...

“I know tonight was strange, but I hope you still had a good time,” Logan says. “I’m not usually so nervous on dates. There’s something about you Angela Louise, something I never noticed before that makes me say stupid things. It’s like you steal all my cool.” He runs his hand through his hair and then grabs one of my hands, lacing our fingers together. My pulse spikes, my entire body alight from his simple touch.
“I did have a good time,” I say, my words just a whisper between us.
His eyes hold mine, the intensity burning a trail across my skin. I lean forward just an inch and he reads that as exactly what it is meant to be—an invitation.
Logan’s lips are on mine and everything is right in the world. He is soft and gentle at first, teasing me. When his tongue slides across my bottom lip, I am lost.

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Season ViningSeason Vining is not a #1 New York Times Bestselling author—yet. She has written poetry since the age of 10. There are hand-written odes to flowers, mermaids and New Kids on the Block tucked away somewhere in her mother’s house. Later, things grew darker. Lines of teenage angst, the cruelties of high school and woes of unrequited love filled random pages of school notebooks. With maturity came a longer attention span and a desire to pen short stories. Eventually, Season was inspired to write her first manuscript. She found herself wishing for this storyline or that kind of character and one day asked herself, “Why don’t you write it?”

She loves a bit of adventure and danger mixed in with her romance and you’ll find that in every story she tells—along with some humor and plenty of pop culture hidden references.

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