Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale ~ Review & Quote-tastic (@kerrylonsdale)

Kerry Lonsdale is another new-to-me author, and I picked this one up by chance. I thoroughly enjoyed being swept away in this world, with the little bit of mystery entwined throughout the romance.
Everything We Keep (Everything We Keep, #1)
Title: Everything We Keep
Author: Kerry Lonsdale
Series: Everything We Keep #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: August 1st 2016

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A luminous debut with unexpected twists, Everything We Keep explores the devastation of loss, the euphoria of finding love again, and the pulse-racing repercussions of discovering the truth about the ones we hold dear and the lengths they will go to protect us.

Sous chef Aimee Tierney has the perfect recipe for the perfect life: marry her childhood sweetheart, raise a family, and buy out her parents’ restaurant. But when her fiancĂ©, James Donato, vanishes in a boating accident, her well-baked future is swept out to sea. Instead of walking down the aisle on their wedding day, Aimee is at James’s funeral—a funeral that leaves her more unsettled than at peace.

As Aimee struggles to reconstruct her life, she delves deeper into James’s disappearance. What she uncovers is an ocean of secrets that make her question everything about the life they built together. And just below the surface is a truth that may set Aimee free…or shatter her forever.

I picked up Everything We Keep while it was on sale and the blurb really grabbed me. It began with Aimee burying her husband, and it was hard to see her struggle through it all. But somehow, she managed to move on slowly... until she had to face her past once again.

This was a heartbreaking, but beautiful read as I watched Aimee try and build a life for herself alone. She started her own business and began some new friendships, one that could mean so much more to her. It was hard to see her struggle, but worth it to see the woman she became... until her past resurfaced and she needed to get full closure.

It was sweet to see Aimee develop feelings for someone else, especially after feeling such loss. He was such a nice guy and just what Aimee needed. He supported Aimee through everything and was patient while she figured out what she needed. Even while they were in Mexico, and experiencing the difficult time they had there, I could see his deep love for her never wavered.

My heart broke in the beginning, slowly mended until it was crushed once again. Everything We Keep was a powerful and magnificent read that will be hard to forget. It dealt with some difficult issues, but it also gave me hope. The characters weren't perfect, but I had hope that they would find their way together, and be able to find peace! I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel of Kerry Lonsdale's, and I believe fans of Colleen Hoover's work would enjoy it too.

I have a few great quotes from the book today. One is amusing, the second is amusing and the third made me swoon!

“I’ll make you a deal. I’ll toast to us becoming great friends if you promise to tell me when you want something more with me.”
My eyes rounded, then I tossed back my head, laughing at his deliberate word choice. When, not if.
“You’re something else,” I teased.
He shook his head. “Nah, just optimistic.”
“All right.” I lifted my glass. “You’ve got yourself a deal.”

Kindle Page 104

“Just promise me you’re not using the psychic as an excuse to keep yourself from falling in love again.” His gaze bore into me. “Because I’ve already fallen for you.”

Kindle Page 128

... our gazes met across the dance floor. My lips parted. The intensity and determination in his eyes kept me rooted to my spot. He closed the distance and gathered me in his arms. A shiver coursed through me, and something akin to hunger. I pressed closer.
His hands moved up my body, achingly slow, until he cupped my face. He brushed his thumb across my lips, and then he kissed me. It was hot and desperate and tender all at once.
We moved over the dance floor, our bodies in sync. The music grew louder, our lips bolder, tongues tangling. Then I remembered where we were and why I was here. “What are we doing?” I gasped into his mouth. “What are you doing to me?” I could hardly keep track of my thoughts.
“Kissing you,” he murmured against my lips. “Loving you.”

Kindle Page 212

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Kerry Lonsdale believes life is more exciting with twists and turns, which may be why she enjoys dropping her characters into unexpected scenarios and foreign settings. She graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and is a founder of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association. She resides in Northern California with her husband, two children, and an aging golden retriever who’s convinced she’s still a puppy.

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