Ruthless by Michelle St. James ~ Excerpt & Giveaway

Today I have an Excerpt & Giveaway from Michelle St. James' newest release Ruthless, the first book in her new Mob Boss series. It sounds pretty intense, I think I would enjoy it! 
Title: Ruthless
Author: Michelle St. James
Series: Mob Boss Book One
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: August 3rd 2015
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Two years out of college, Angelica Bondesan spends her time working as a barista, keeping in touch with her prodigal brother, and trying to figure out how to bridge the gap with her father, a wealthy real estate developer.

But all of that changes the night she’s kidnapped. Thrown into a windowless room, Angelica is positive there’s been some kind of mistake — until she meets Nico Vitale.

Gorgeous and frightening, Nico became the boss of New York City’s Vitale crime family after the execution style murder of his parents two years earlier. Since then he’s turned the old-school mob into a sleek, modern army of ruthless men who understand that physical violence — while always an option — isn’t the only way to get what you want.

Now Angel is forced to face the truth;

Her father is not the man she believed him to be.

Nico Vitale is dangerous, possibly lethal.

She is falling in love with Nico Vitale.

Creeping pass Nico’s room and down the stairs, she made her way to the wall of windows where Nico has kissed her. She tipped her head against the glass, letting it cool her forehead while images from the night before filled her mind; Nico’s hands on her, his head between her legs, his body joining hers.
        Stepping outside, she closed the doors quietly behind her. The storm didn’t seem to be receding, and the waves were still rolling fast and angry onto the private beach below the house. She crossed her arms over her chest and made her way down the stairs to the sand.
        The wind blew her hair around, the sting of it numbing her face as she walked down to the water. She relished the cold. It drove everything else out of her mind, made it hard to think about what Nico had said about her father, what she had done with Nico afterwards. There was the vague feeling that she should feel guilty, that she might even be crazy to sleep with the man who’d kept her prisoner for the last two weeks. But it was so distant. So easy to ignore.
        The ocean stretched endless and wide in front of her, blending in with the steely sky above it. Most of the trees on the shoreline were evergreens, standing out in sharp relief against the white and gray. She imagined what it looked like in the winter, the rocky shore covered with snow, the waves rolling in just like they always did, season after season. There was a kind of comfort in the certainty of it.
        She felt hands on her shoulders, and Nico pulled back her wild hair and touched his mouth to her neck. His lips were hot against her cold skin.
        “You’re freezing,” he said softly.
        She didn’t say anything, didn’t move. As long as she stared at the sea, as long as she didn’t take her eyes off it, she wouldn’t have to think about anything else.
        He turned her to face him and wrapped his big arms around her, swallowing her in the warmth of his embrace. He looked down at her.
        “We don’t have to talk about this,” he said. “Not yet.” His eyes had turned a shade darker in the gray light, and he looked out over the water before returning his gaze to her. “I just want to be with you, Angel.” He sighed. “Can we do that until this storm breaks?”
        She reached up to touch his face, then nodded. There was nothing to say.
        He took her face in his hands and kissed her gently. “Come on. Let’s get you warm.”
        He led her inside, up the stairs and into his bathroom where he started the shower. Then he carefully peeled off her wet clothes while she stood shivering and silent. When she was naked, he stripped and led her into the shower, moving her so that she was fully under the warm spray of water.
        He shampooed her hair, starting at the top just like she did, careful not to let it get too tangled.  Tipping her head back into the water, he worked the shampoo from her hair, then started on her body, soaping her gently like a child. At first, she could feel nothing beyond the warmth of the water. But little by little, his hands brought her alive. They moved over her shoulders and down to her breasts, slippery with soap, Her nipples hardened of their own accord, and a fire built in her belly as he soaped her hips, washed between her legs.
        By the time the water sluiced the soap off her body, she was humming for him again, begging for more of his touch. She thought he might take her then, but instead he turned off the water and stepped from the shower.
        He wrapped a towel around his waist and returned with one for her. The towel was soft and thick, and he moved it gently across her arms and breasts, down her stomach and in the space between her thighs, behind her knees. When he was done with her body, he squeezed the excess water out of her hair.
        She followed him into the bedroom and watched as he removed a shirt from the dresser. He slipped it over her arms and buttoned it while she stood perfectly still, her body coming alive like a tuning fork to lightening as his hands brushed against her belly.
        He put on a fresh pair of black lounge pants. “Sit down,” he said softly. “I’ll be right back.”
        She sat on the edge of the bed while he went into the bathroom. He returned with a hairbrush and positioned himself behind her where he began at the bottom, tenderly brushing the tangles from her hair. The storm seemed to be ripping the world part on the other side of the windows, but they didn’t speak. She lost track of time, relaxing into the gentle motion of the brush in her hair, Nico’s occasional touch on the top of her head, against her shoulder. She didn’t know what was between them, but she didn’t want to analyze it anymore. Not right now.
        Finally, he set the brush aside. She felt the soft sweep of his breath as he dropped a kiss on her neck. Then he stood and took her hand, pulling her up off the bed.
        “Come on. I’ll make you breakfast.”

Michelle St. James aka Michelle Zink is the author of seven published books and six novellas. Her first series, Prophecy of the Sisters (YA), was one of Booklist's Top Ten Debut novels. Her work has also been an Indie Next selection and has appeared on prestigious lists such as the Lonestar List, New York Public Library's Stuff for the Teen Age, and Chicago Public Library's Best of the Best. Her character, Alice, won the Teen Read Awards for Best Villain against Harry Potter's Lord Voldemort.

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