Review ~ Red & Wolfe, Part III by Ella James

Title: Red & Wolfe, Part III
Author: Ella James
Series: Red & Wolfe #3
Genre: Erotic Romance
Published: June 19th 2014

Return to Rabbit Island with Red & the illusive Rafe for the hottest serial installment so far. I'd bring at least two pairs of extra panties if I were you.
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Part III of the Red & Wolfe serial was certainly interesting. A lot of details came to light and things clicked into place for both characters. Red learns so much about Wolfe, both past and present. She doesn't handle all the information very well, but Wolfe is there to remind her of their passion. Wolfe realises how much Red is getting under his skin and is determined to get her to stay.

I enjoyed this installment and it had me on the edge of my seat in the end. The passion between Red and Wolfe hits all new levels and his Dominating side is really coming to the surface. There was one scene that I was left scratching my head about, because it didn't make sense, but otherwise it was another sizzling, intense read that left me wanting more. I look forward to seeing how it all ends in Part IV!

Thank you to Bookworm Brandee for lending me a copy of this book.

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  1. Looks like onther great book, i will add this to my TBR list :D

  2. I'm glad to know the series keeps going good ;)

  3. Ella James has become a household name as of late. I've never tried reading any of her books though. I've only seem them from bookish buddies. Does reading serial books drive you nuts? Because you have to wait until the next instalment?

  4. Hmm, I'm trying to remember what scene you are talking about...because I'm sure it made me scratch my head as well. :) You'll have PM me and tell me. I'm glad you enjoyed this installment. I think you'll like the last one as well. Just let me know when you're ready for it. :)

  5. I don't know this series at all.

  6. It is a good serial! I just need to finish it up!

  7. It is going well... I just have to get the last one!

  8. It kind of does drive me nuts, but I tend to read them all together... usually! I still have to grab the final one in this one!

  9. It was only a minor thing, but it bugged me. I even read it to the hubby, and he was just as confused


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