Review ~ Becoming a Jett Girl by Meghan Quinn

Title: Becoming a Jett Girl
Author: Meghan Quinn
Series: The Bourbon Series #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: May 29th 2014

How did I start the Lafayette Club?

Well, I’m in the business of saving tarnished souls. I hand pick girls from the street who have no options left in life and give them an opportunity they can’t possibly refuse.

They come to work in the Lafayette Club which is full of EXQUISITE DEBAUCHERY, where influential men come to conduct business and lap dances are considered a fine art.

The girls are trained, they are morphed, they are educated, they follow the rules of the club and they know to submit to me. They live by my motto, no relationships, no love, just sex.

They are never touched, only by me, they are never completely naked, only with me, and their personas are entirely anonymous. The only person who knows who they truly are, is me, Jett Colby.

If these girls were ever seen on the streets of New Orleans, you would never know they were a Jett Girl.
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I picked up Becoming a Jett Girl because I read the blurb for the second book (Being a Jett Girl) and knew I had to read this series. I will tell you that I loved this book and the world that Meghan Quinn has created! I was hooked from the beginning and found it so hard to put this book down!!

Goldie/Lo was a character I loved! She is such a witty character and doesn’t have a filter!! Every time she opened her mouth, she didn’t hold back; she pushed both Jett and Kace’s buttons and it was amusing to see them squirm. She has had a hard life and was struggling day-to-day until Jett changed it all around. I loved seeing her grow into a better person and didn’t change her ways for anyone.

Jett… well, he is certainly one hot, dominant man!! He is possessive, kind and wants the best for all the girls under his roof. I could see that Goldie was getting under his skin, but the demons of his past keep him from opening up to her. He is compassionate, but very driven too, and goes after everything that he wants.

There were a few side characters introduced as well and I loved each one of them!! Kace is a dark and broody type of guy, and he has issues in his past that I want to know about. All the other Jett girls were fun and often made me laugh out loud. There are some questionable characters that I met and I look forward to see what impact they will have in the next book.

This is the first book of Meghan Quinn’s that I have read and I must admit that I am an instant fan! She has created a world and characters that I liked immediately and wanted to know more about!! Becoming a Jett Girl was a fantastic introduction to the series; set in a type of gentleman’s club, it was a sexy, amusing and intense read. I am keen to get onto Being a Jett Girl to see what happens next!!


  1. The cover matches your blog :) Great review!

    Benish | Feminist Reflections

  2. Very interesting - sounds like Jett knows what he wants and how to get it. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  3. It does!! lol And such a fun read too

  4. YES! I think you would like this one!

  5. Uh huh! He was a fun character to read about, has that possessive vibe too!

  6. Great review, Naomi. Jett sounds like an awesome character. One I might like to meet.

  7. It's taking *a lot* of restraint to keep myself from one-clicking this one, Naomi! It sounds amazing! I love a heroine without a filter - I can live vicariously through her! :) And I just might go ahead and one-click it before my 'no book buying' challenge for 2015 starts. Of course, I do have $10/month to spend on books. ;) No way could I refrain from buying at least one. LOL

  8. I think you would like him Marilyn.... has that alpha male vibe, but lots of fun!!

  9. I am looking forward to see how your spending limit goes!! lol
    This was a fun beginning to the series, and I am so glad I grabbed it before reading the second one. It has been a fun ride! I loved the whole Gentlemans club thing * wink *

  10. Well now, this one sounds pretty hot. Jett does sound worth meeting. I'm glad you enjoyed.


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