Review – Dreamer by Jane Susann MacCarter

Title: Dreamer
Author: Jane Susann MacCarter
Series: Dreamer #1
Genre: YA Fantasy Romance
Published: February 7th 2013

Book Description

When homely college student Stella Denton and nerdy professor Harry Vale find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time during a convenience store hold-up, the result turns deadly. A ricocheted bullet enters Stella’s brain, causing her to sink into a coma.

But Stella is actually more ‘alive’ than doctors realize. Though outwardly unresponsive, she’s actually ‘awakening’ in Jarmo, an Eden-like paradise that actually existed 9000 years ago.

In this alternate world, the New Stella is beautiful and desirable, while the hunky chief of the tribe turns out to be a notched-up version of her Anthro professor, Harry Vale. Stella flourishes in Jarmo, where Harry teaches her the finer points of sex, romance, and passion.

But is Jarmo and all its delights truly an alternative reality? Or is it just a dream, and Stella the Dreamer? Is her beloved Jarmo (as well as New Harry) nonexistent, just a figment of her severely injured brain? When Stella emerges suddenly from the coma, she must make an irrevocable choice between two lives… one of which may not really exist—and the choosing of which might lead to her obliteration.

An 18+ young adult contemporary romance, DREAMER explores the nature of Reality and Love, showing us that neither are absolutes. And that Reality is what you make it—as is Love.

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My Review

In the modern day, Stella is an average girl. She doesn't stand out in a crowd, she simply blends in. She is smart, but has been lonely since the death of her mother and really doesn't have friends. Her step father has moved on so she feels isolated, and doesn't really care about her world. I really felt sorry for her as she is alone and doesn't have much to live for. But her last class before the incident has given her a bit of hope as they ventured into the past to learn about the town of Jarvos history.

Dreamer is intense in the beginning as Stella and her professor find themselves in an unpredictable situation. They become victims in a botched robbery and Stella wakes up thousands of years in the past, in a new body and making herself a new life, which she is beginning to accept. She meets Harry, who is the leader of Jarvo and has been searching for love. After Stella meets Harry she realises there is more to life and she begins to regain hope.

In the present day, her professor, also named Harry, is spending as much time as possible sitting by Stella’s bedside, eagerly waiting her return. Even though he hasn’t known Stella outside of class, he can’t help but be protective of her. Harry is a chubby man and has his sights set on Stella. He wants to know more about her when she awakens. I think he has a kind heart and has not been able to find anyone to be in a relationship with, but there is something about Stella that he likes.

I found this story to be very entertaining as we learn some detailed history about Jarvo. The medical issues that are explained throughout the story are very descriptive as the characters sustained injuries early on in the book. I liked how the story unfolded even though it was left wide open for book 2. Stella was a person who floated along in life in the beginning, but by the end she had courage and purpose. I look forward to the conclusion to this story and to see which Harry Stella may choose!
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author

Though typically on the timid side when measured against cooler and more adventurous literary types, Jane Susann MacCarter has nevertheless come through some pretty hairy times and lived to write about it afterwards. Like that time when the mountain lion jumped on her.  Or when 750,000 bats misted her with pee as they surged from the mouth of the cave she was exploring. And then there was the time, while snorkeling in a black, underground 'cenote' in the Yucatan, she watched as the single, overhead, electric light winked out.  And she’ll always remember the ominous moans of that rutting bull moose on Isle Royale, the one with love and murder on his mind…   In any case, Jane is still here to tell the tale(s) and even see some of them published.  But now she faces her biggest challenge yet… as a writer of romances with a touch of paranormal, fantasy, and history.


  1. Stella sounds great, and glad you enjoyed. This is the first I have seen of this so thanks for review.
    @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  2. You're welcome!! She is an amazing character and I can't wait to see how the rest of the story unfolds.


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