Release Day/Review/Giveaway – Sudden Hope by Mira Garland

Today is the Release Day of Sudden Hope by Mira Garland!! Whoo hoo!! I am so excited for my friend Mira and that the release day of her book has finally arrived that I decided that I would share my Review of the book with you and offer up my own giveaway for your chance to read CC's journey. Congrat's Mira!! 

Title: Sudden Hope
Author: Mira Garland
Series: Hope #1
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance 
Published: 20th April 2013

Book Description

When your nightmares become reality and you can’t wake up, what do you do?

Celeste is a normal teenage girl. After the loss of her father her life seems to be in constant turmoil. She realizes her worst nightmares are occurring while she's still awake.

Just as it looks like her life is on the right path; things go terribly wrong and leave her in a spiraling whirlwind of emotion.

Trying to find her father’s killer and dealing with an ex that will do anything to get revenge; she feels like she is falling.

The only thing that is holding her together is her support system; her friends and Danny.

Celeste loves Danny more than life itself, although now is just not the time to be with him. He is the answer to her dreams, he is her one true love, and most importantly, her hope.

Only life isn't fair and doesn't play by the rules.

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My Review

The main focus in Sudden Hope is how one girl lives her some-what normal life, attending school, hanging with her friends and doing what normal teenagers do. Celeste (or CC as she is known to her friends) is how I imagine a 17 year old girl to be; she has all the drama of boys, parties and school. She is a popular girl and is as focused as she can be on her final year of school. She has a tight group of friends and they have been like that for as long as she can remember. I really liked her character, trying to always be the good girl and to keep out of trouble. She is very compassionate and cares deeply for those who are close to her, including the bubbly Ms Gina!

CC has crushed on her friend Danny since they were little kids but has never acted on those feelings as he seems to be happy to just be her rock, the one person she can turn to when she needs that steady person in her life. He has supported her through everything, the death of her father, her mother and creepy husband moving in and also her break up with her ex. Danny is a good guy, but I thought he was a bit impatient which seemed a little out of character for him. It felt like he has sat on the sidelines for so long and now that he is focused on what he wants, he doesn’t have the patience to ride it out and seems willing to throw it all away. He is very supportive of CC, and does his best to be there for her, but there is only so much he can handle.

The underlying storyline is what ties the whole book together and that is the death of CC’s father. It starts in the Prologue and pops up throughout the story and I was hoping that we would find out the details by the end. The death of her father has shaped Celeste to be the girl that she is and she needs that closure. She relives some horrible moments and has awful nightmares, but each day she is willing to get up and move on. She has no real support at home, but she gets by with the help of her friends. I was often on the edge of my seat, wondering what was going to happen. And the friends that she has are just awesome!! They gave great depth to the story and I loved how tight they all were.

The story is told from a 17yo girl’s POV who lives in NY and attends public school and the author stuck to that writing style. How CC reacted and how she approached the dramas in her life, is how I could imagine a 17yo to behave. The author is very descriptive in regards to surroundings, but was not over the top as not every teenager would take in too much detail about her surroundings. I found the whole book to be one massive rollercoaster of emotion and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride!!

Author Bio

Mira GarlandI was born in Jackson, MI but now live on Long Island in NY. I have four beautiful daughters whom I live and breathe for. I began writing as a hobby, but realized very quickly that it was an outlet to explore my deepest dreams. I love to read and have a problem with honesty when I write reviews, although I do not have a problem if you tell me I'm wrong about it. My debut novel is “Sudden Hope” and will be released in April of 2013. Welcome to my reality and I hope all your dreams come true.

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway! Congrats on the book release Mira! I wish you all the best.

  2. Good Luck Meghan!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. This sounds like a coming of age story with all the bumps and hiccups and trauma done well. Thank you for sharing. I have to admit your review swayed my interest. I was feeling a little blah before about it, but now am intrigued. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I hope you do get a chance to read it Denise, it is an emotional ride!

  5. Thanks for the giveaway! Can't wait to read this!

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