Review: Bane by Trish Milburn

Author: Trish Milburn
Title: Bane
Series: Covern #2
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Published: June 1, 2012
Format: eBook – NetGalley Preview Exclusive

Summary from Amazon

To protect those she loves from herself, Jax will leave them all behind. She'll risk everything in a desperate search for answers.

Jax Pherson fled the darkest of covens and from her own father's evil. For a brief moment, her courage was rewarded. She found everything she'd ever wanted. A normal life. An amazing boyfriend. An envy-worthy best friend .

But her past put them all in danger, forcing a confrontation with the dark covens. In a life-and-death battle to save those she loved from the covens, Jax gained staggering power. Power so intense, so dangerous, she fears the darkness that now dwells inside her like a living thing.

If she can't control the power, she may yet become as evil as the witches she conquered.

With her friend Egan, Jax leaves all she's built and heads for the one place that might hold the answers she desperately needs to hold back the darkness-Salem, Massachusetts. Her research unearths a shocking discovery: the Bane, a secret group of witches dedicated to thwarting the covens.

Jax desperately needs their help in her fight against the covens, but finding the Bane is easier said than done and takes all her skills and courage. As Jax gets closer, her dark powers begin to rise and control her actions. If she succumbs to the darkness, Jax may have as much to fear from the Bane as the evil covens and the determined hunter on her trail.

Arrgh!! Just when things were getting interesting, the story ends on a cliffhanger!! But I want to know more now!! Haha!!

I thought the White Witch was more a lively read, watching a young girl turn her life around and doing normal teenage things until evil basically lands on her doorstep. But in Bane it was completely different, very intense and serious. There weren’t many laugh out loud scenes as everyone is on edge most of the time. It was a sensational second book in the series; I just wished that it didn’t finish so quickly.
Bane continues on where White Witch left off. We follow Jax, into Salem, where the Salem Witch Trials took place back in the 1600's. She is trying to find answers to her problems. She wants to know more in regards to the White Witch and how to deal with the Dark and Light powers that are battling within her. But most of all she wants to find a way to rid the world of the Dark Covens to protect the rest of the human race.

In Bane Jax is a more determined person. After the incident at Shiprock at Bakers Gap she has decided to step up and take responsibility of herself and her friends as well as trying to keep everyone safe. This book is very nerve wracking as Jax and Egan feel as though they are being watched by someone almost everywhere they go and I was expecting someone to jump out at them all the time!
We meet some new people in Bane that weren’t in White Witch, who fit into this storyline perfectly! They help with the research into her past and even try to teach Jax things about herself. But for Jax it means more people for her to protect.

Trish has created an intriguing world involving witches and the supernatural. She has left me sitting on the edge of my seat at the end of Bane and I can’t wait for the next book!!

Check out my review for Book 1 – White Witch.

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  1. I seen both books on NG. I wanted to read them, but already have so many books for review!Now after seeing you give Bane a 5 rating. I'm going back to NG to request them! Thanks Naomi for your fantastic review that changed my mine! LOL!

    1. 4.5 rating.... but it is alot different from the first book, but I enjoyed them both. I haven't read anything with a witch as the main character, so I leally enjoyed it.

      Thanx for stopping by Debbie!!

  2. Haven't heard of this one, but it sounds interesting.
    Im not sure what to think about cliffhangers, they've been wearing on me more and more because I often forget details with so long between the books.

    Thanks for review,
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

    1. I know what you mean, Karen Chance left Hunt The Moon on a cliffhanger last year, with no news on when the next book would be out. It will prob be 2 years between books in the series. The next in Coven should be out really soon though.

  3. Oooh, I haven't heard of this either. But I'm definitely interested. I think I will keep an eye out for it. But yeah, cliffhangers are a killer! Sometimes I really want to wait for a series until there are several out so I can just read through and satisfy that impatient side to me lol. Great review!!

    1. Yep, I'm like that too. Prefer most of the series out already, but then I get real attached to the characters.


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