Review: Angels Unawares – Fall From Grace by Sofie Couch

Author: Sofie Couch
Title: Angels Unawares – Fall From Grace
Series: Angels Unawares #1
Publisher: Self-Published through Amazon
Published: July 15th 2010
Format: ebook supplied by author for review

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Summary from Amazon
The Grim Reaper can kill with a touch. (Too bad for the girl he loves.)

Grace Breeden sees dead people. But why then can't she see her late mother? "Blue guys", as Grace refers to them, roam the earth searching for their opportunity to transcend, but one particularly persistent blue guy is shadowing Grace, involving her in near misses that lead her to surmise that there's something a bit "grim" about this spectre.

Keeping her friends close and the Angel of Death closer, she tries to save her living family from the reaper, but someone, or something, is threatened by her gifts... and wants her dead.

Angels Unawares was the first book in the series that Sofie had written, but I think the series is better if you read the Prequel, Moonshine, first. We meet all the cousins and friends in Moonshine, and it makes it easier to understand the plot better. (I have done a review Moonshine too.) I was captivated by the storyline from the very first chapter.

In Angels Unawares, we meet two new characters that weren't involved in the first book, Moonshine. Grace is Rivanna's cousin (Christina and Stewart too), and after tragic circumstances turned their lives upside-down, her father moved them both to Poropotank, (Gloucester County, Virginia) into her Grandmothers old farmhouse. Like the rest of her cousins, Grace also has an ability, which we find out about at the end of the first chapter (and I did not see it coming).
We also meet the mysterious Salter. He comes across as a bit of a shady character and after being around Grace for a while, his life appears to shift. He seems to be tied to Grace and we discover how deep their bond is as the story unfolds.

This book, in the most part, is written from two points of view, Grace and Salter. There is one small section towards the end of the book that is written from a third person, but it does help in the telling of the story.
I love how Sofie creates characters that aren't normal. They all seem to have a disability, disfigurement or some other problem that makes them damaged. None of them have just a normal perfect life, they all have some sort of fault somewhere.

It seems to me that Angels Unawares was a small part of a much bigger picture and it was setting the scene for more important and life altering things to come in future books. There were a few characters that were in Moonshine that didn't get a mention in this story, but I hope we see them in the next books!
Overall, it was a fantastic read. Sofie has done a great job creating a fictional story in a very real place and I can't wait to see what happens next in Poropotank, Gloucester County!!

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  1. Is Salter a Grim Reaper or a ghost? I'm a bit confused by the summary. Still, it sounds very interesting and mysterious.

    1. Ooh!! If I answered that I'd give too much away!!!

  2. This sounds like an interesting story. I definitely want to know more about Salter, too!

    1. It's a pretty good read, would like to see where we head next...


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