Bone Dressing by Michelle I. Brooks

Author: Michelle I. Brooks
Title: Bone Dressing
Publisher: Smashwords Edition
Published: April 2011
Format: Ebook purchased myself

Goodreads Summary
Time is running out & the Dark that's been chasing Syd for many lifetimes has finally caught up with her.

Sydney Roberdeau lost her parents as a young girl. Waiting for her life to start and the freedom that will come with her eighteenth birthday, Syd spends much of her time haunting the local cemetery. It is there, stretched out among the dead, that she feels most alive, most at home. Until one rainy night when Beau, Sarah and T.J. crash her ghostly sanctuary, appearing out of nowhere, turning her already inside-out world one degree past upside down.

Syd must now revisit past lives, dressing in the bodies of her previous selves & bone dressing. Her only chance to outrun the evil breathing down her neck is to face her own worst nightmares and her strongest desires. But if she can't stay out of trouble in this life, how can she possibly fix mistakes from past lives? And just how many lives has she lived, loved and lost? What is Syd exactly, and what will she risk for the life of a man she doesn't remember, the man she spent a lifetime with, the man she loves? Everything including her very own life?

Bone Dressing, the first in a series of seven books, will carry Syd and Beau on an adventure that transcends life itself.

I was a little worried at first, because after you read the first chapter, the book jumps back in time a few days to show you how Syd ended up on the rooftop to begin with, but as the storyline unfolds you sort of stop and think, ‘Oh now that’s why’, as pieces of the book start to fit together.

Syd is a very witty teen and there were heaps of spots where I was laughing out loud whilst reading the book, but there were other times that I got a bit teary, because no teen or child should ever be put in this position. I thought the book was going to be good just by visiting past lives, but add a bit of shapeshifting into it and you have more fun! (I didn’t see that coming!)

In some areas I believed that there was too much over analysing, but when I stopped and thought a little on some of the words, I could see that that probably would happen because teens often do over think things.

Michelle has done a fantastic job with Bone Dressing, and there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered, which have obviously been left that way for the future books.  I look forward to seeing where she will take it next, and hopefully get some of those questions answered!!

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