Artemis Rising by Cheri Lasota

Author: Cheri Lasota
Title: Artemis Rising
Publisher: Spirehouse Books
Published: September, 2011
Format: ebook

Artemis Rising is an Ebook Category Finalist in the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards!

 I won this ebook on another author’s blog and Cheri sent it to me. I contacted her to let her know that I was going to feature it on my Blog so she sent me this summary to share with you.

Escape your name. Escape your fate...

On the voyage home to the Azores Islands, Eva accepts the pagan name of Arethusa but learns too late that her life will mir­ror the Greek nymph's tragic end. Her mother reveals that her destiny lies with Diogo, the shipowner's volatile son. But Eva has a vision of another...

When the ship founders in a storm off the coast, Tristan, a local boy, saves her life and steals her heart. Destined to be with Diogo yet aching for Tristan's for­bid­den love, Eva must some­how choose between them, or fate will choose for her.

What a wonderful read! Cheri Lasota has written a beautiful romance novel. Once I started reading this story I found it hard to put down. I enjoyed reading about the combination of myths, legends and religion. The beliefs of adults tend to extend to their children, and in this story the teenagers have to decide whether to use what they have been taught by the people who love them the most, to make decisions that will shape their futures. It has everything you want in a great storyline- joy, sorrow, fear, betrayal, desire and love!

Other recent reviews:

"Artemis Rising left me breathless and spellbound. I wanted to live inside its pages."
--Karen Hooper, Author of Tangled Tides

"Compelling, original and lyrically written ... unlike anything I've ever read before."
--Jessie Harrell, Author of Destined

If you want to know more about Artemis Rising or want to catch up with Cheri, click on the links below.



  1. Cheri Is a gem, she was kind enough to do a guest post for me a few weeks ago! found your page through google plus.

    happy reading :)

    1. Cheri was great, she sent me the pics and the spiel, so I didn't have to much work with it, just pop in my review. I hope she writes something else soon though because it was a great book!!


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