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Fractured FreedomFractured Freedom by Shain Rose
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This read started a bit choppy, jumping over the place for a while, but once the read settled and became more fluent, it was pretty good. My heart ached for Lilah, what she had been through and lost. She was quite withdrawn compared to the happy girl that we first met. But as her story unfolded, it became clear on why she was choosing to change her life - she was determined to carve her own path, despite her family.

Dante certainly was an interesting character. In his younger days he seemed a different person to the Dante in the majority of the book. His real last name held a lot of power. He was quite the dominant male, and tried to get Lilah to bend to his demands, but she was holding strong.

Lilah’s sister Izzy annoyed me numerous times, I thought she was deceptive and selfish, even though I knew she had been through a lot.

Towards the end of the read, it became intense and at times a bit repetitive. Lilah was being stubborn and kept bringing up the same drama despite Dante showing her that she meant everything to him.

Overall, it was a good read and I did like the banter between Izzy and Cade. I hope he can tame her!

Title: Fractured Freedom
Author: Shain Rose
Series: Tarnished Empire
Genre: Dark Contemporary Romance
Published: July 21, 2022

A Brother's Best Friend Second Chance Romance

Is it so bad that I tricked my older brother’s best friend into taking my virginity?

In my defense, it was Dante Reid—my crush, my first love, and the one I ended up pushing away.
Our paths split in opposite directions.
I went to college on one coast while he returned to work with the US Army on the other.
The end.
Or so I thought.

After graduating and attempting a bucket list of self-discovery, guess who I find standing outside the jail, bailing me out from a crime I didn’t commit?
Dante freaking Reid—this time with more muscles, more tattoos, and more demands.
One of which is to move in across the hall from him so he can keep me safe. Like I need protection after a little felony mix-up.

I don’t.
Unless it’s from him.
Because Dante has been my downfall before …

And living next to the guy I gave my innocence to a long time ago may actually end in my complete devastation.

Shain Rose is back with another light mafia standalone romance with forced proximity, steam, and bucket list to cross off. This is a standalone romance with 95,000+ words.

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