Review ~ Empire of Lust by Rina Kent

Empire of Lust (Empire, #4)Empire of Lust by Rina Kent
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Empire of Lust was a really enjoyable read. I loved getting to know both Kingsley and Aspen; understanding the type of characters they were, being able to delve into their pasts and realising how much they both had suffered. These two were destined to be together, despite the hate/love relationship they had. Their connection grew deep, the chemistry was strong and the passion between the sheets was scorching! Kingsley was definitely the domineering type, however Aspen loved it. Aspen was such a kind and patient woman, who had lost so much and was trying he best to make up for the years she had lost.

I was easily swept away with Empire of Lust. I had read another book in this series which I found hard to connect to the characters, but this read hooked me - both the characters and storyline!! I felt that Rina Kent did a fabulous job of building this world and the characters. I definitely want to read more from this series!

Title: Empire of Lust
Author: Rina Kent
Series: Empire #4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: May 5, 2022

My Boss. My hell.

When I slept with a faceless jock as a teen, I didn’t think I would become pregnant.
I also didn’t think I would lose that child.
Several years later, I find out that my daughter is alive and I’m given a second chance.
One problem, though.
The faceless jock isn’t so faceless anymore.
He has a name everyone fears; Kingsley Shaw.
A ruthless bastard. A heartless devil. And most importantly, my daughter’s father.
Oh, and he hates me as much as I hate him.
We’re out to destroy one another with all methods available.
Including a dangerous game of lust that might lead to our downfall.

Empire of Lust is a complete STANDALONE. No book should be read prior to this.

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