Review ~ Beached by Ros Baxter

Title: Beached
Author: Ros Baxter
Series: Aegira Chronicles #2
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Published: April 1st 2014

How far will a gentle sea princess go to save the home she loves?

When the clerk at a burger joint is assaulted for trying to sell a fish burger to a hot blonde, it’s just the beginning of a clash between Land and Sea. The world is going mad, and Princess Lecanora is on a special mission to stop it. There are just a few complications…

First, life on the land is a bit harder to adjust to than expected, what with the wearing of clothing and the consuming of delicious (but pointless) calories. Second, the most evil magician the world has ever seen wants her as his bride — consensually or otherwise. Finally, a completely inappropriate gun-toting mercenary who goes against every one of her pacifist principles keeps rocking her world.

As the forces of darkness gather, Lecanora must come to terms with the lengths she will go to in order to save the sea home she has always known, and the land she has come to love.
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I read Fish out of Water almost 12 months ago and I have been keen to get a lot of answers. I was excited to read Beached and to dive right back into the Mermaid world and the prophecy that is unfolding.

This story follows Princess Lecaora, who is a major piece in the prophecy. She has been sent to the main land by her foster mother, the Queen, to unravel the prophecy and to hopefully save her people. She has a great support system there which includes Rania and her mother and a group of people Rania trusts. Together they form a close group that set out to unravel the pieces to stop the evil taking over the land and water.

Princess Lecaora was amusing to watch as she has not been on the land before. She doesn’t understand the need for clothes and is not happy about how we are willing to eat fish. She soon discovers some things that she likes and sets to the task of stopping Manos and his evil plan. She has an attraction to Rania’s friend Doug and it was sweet to see their relationship develop. He is very protective of her and it was nice to see him put himself on the line. He was a great character in the first book so I was excited to see him get some action!

It was good to see the characters from the first book return and play major roles in this book too. They are all committed to the prophecy and will sacrifice anything to make sure this terror is not unleashed on the world. I liked how the story is focused on how a mermaid would use her assets to save the world. Together with passion, strength and song they can accomplish anything.

I enjoyed how Ros told this story. We follow a few characters throughout so we could see what each character was up to. She has created a fantastic mermaid world that I love to read about. All my questions have been answered but there is definitely potential for more in this series, but for now it was a fitting end.

Complimentary copy provided by Harlequin Australia in exchange for an honest review.


  1. This story sounds fascinating! I love stories about mythical creatures such as mermaids, and the book cover is really pretty! I'm glad that you enjoyed this one. I love that the author did a great job of creating the mermaid world, and all of your questions were answered. I bet it was humorous reading about the princess being on land for the first time! Wonderful Review :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  2. I love a good mermaid book and this one sounds awesome! Great review Naomi :) I will have to check out your review for book 1!

    Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.

  3. This sounds pretty good, but I'm not really a big fan of mermaid books... there is always something the bugs me about them.
    I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much, and that the second book in the series brought back some characters you like, and that you got to meet some new characters, as well.
    I hope you're having a fantastic Friday (or is it already Saturday for you?)

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  4. Great premise with never been on land before, but I dont read a lot of mermaid books for whatever reason. I loved Little Mermaid so go figure, lol

  5. Definitely an interesting idea for a story! Very interesting. And the characters sound unique, along with the plot. I don't read a lot of mermaid, but I just might pick this one up!

    lovely review :)

  6. Sounds entertaining, Naomi. I've never heard of the series but I'll check it out. Nice review, girl!

  7. I do too! Mermaids are so much fun to read about and Roz has done an awesome job!

  8. Thanks Chanzie! This series is a lot of fun!

  9. Understandable! Can't be for everyone. But yes, i did enjoy seeing the gang again!

  10. It happens! Not everyone's cup of tea! Thanks for stopping in Brandi!

  11. They are unique! And fun to read about! Thanks Magen! You rock!!

  12. Thanks Brandee! It was a fun series to read about!

  13. Hehe! I think it does! I really enjoyed it!

  14. oh my goodness, you found a mermaid series that works? me need.


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