Review ~ Sneaking Candy by Lisa Burstein

Sneaking Candy
Title: Sneaking Candy
Author: Lisa Burstein
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Published: December 9th 2013

All I ever wanted was to make a name for myself as Candice Salinas, creative writing grad student at the University of Miami. Of course, secretly I already have made a name for myself: as Candy Sloane, self-published erotic romance writer. Though thrilled that my books are selling and I have actual fans, if anyone at UM found out, I could lose my scholarship…and the respect of my faculty advisor, grade-A-asshole Professor Dylan.

Enter James Walker, super-hot local barista and—surprise!—my student. Even though I know a relationship is totally off-limits, I can’t stop myself from sneaking around with James, taking a few cues from my own erotic writing…if you catch my drift. Candy’s showing her stripes for the first time in my real life, and I’ve never had so much fun. But when the sugar high fades, can my secrets stay under wraps?
The cover of Sneaking Candy was what grabbed my attention first and once I read the blurb I thought it would be a bit of fun. It turned out to be a quick read that I found to be quirky and sexy with a touch of seriousness.

Candice is in Miami, pursuing her dreams after a bad break up and rejection from her parents. She is a TA for Professor Dylan and there is a bit of an attraction between them, that they haven’t been able to explore. Candice takes her work and schooling seriously and isn’t the type of girl that would act on those feelings. Candice was encouraged by her best friend Mandy to write erotic stories and self-publishing them online to earn some cash to survive. That is how Candy was created and her latest story stars the new barista at the coffee shop, James. When she decides to channel a character from one of her Candy stories and puts herself out there by giving him a tip *wink* her whole life changes.

I liked reading about Candice. She is usually pretty shy and decides it’s time to step out of her comfort zone to put herself out there. It was amusing to see her being confidant, even though she was quivering on the inside! She has her own insecurities from her parents and her ex, but she is trying to move on and starting with James, who is sizzling hot, is a good start. James has a few secrets too, and has moved to Miami to start over. He’s not afraid to go after what he wants and Candice is definitely something he wants. They have great chemistry and a lot in common. He is a sexy guy who rides a motorbike, but he is also smart and has talent, both in and out of the bedroom…

I really enjoyed Sneaking Candy and how the story unfolded. It is focused around normal University life and what people do to get through. There is a bit of conflict there, but it gave more depth to the storyline. I thought that the sex scenes could’ve used a bit more detail as they were kind of glossed over and I think because Candice is an erotic writer I expected a little bit more. If you are looking for a fast, light-hearted read, definitely check this one out!!

I received a copy of this book from the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I've been wanting to read this since I heard of it, I love Lisa Burnstein! I'm so glad you enjoyed this. Candice seems really likeable. I hope I'll pick this one up soon!
    Great review :)

    Richa @ City of Books

  2. The beginning with all the mentions of cliche really turned me off, but maybe I wasn't in the NA mood. Might have to try again

  3. I've been seeing this one around lately and it looks fun! Great review!

  4. I loved it!! It was so much fun!! I hope you get to read it soon!!

  5. It was a lot of fun... but I would've liked more detail to the bedroom scenes!

  6. It was!! I hope you get to it one day!!


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