Review - Last Regress by Rachel J. Thorne

Last Regress
Title: Last Regress
Author: Rachel J. Thorne
Series: Last Regress #1
Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance
Published: July 15th 2012

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Book Description

Alyssa Matthews thought she had an explanation for everything. After all, as a slightly sceptical paranormal investigator that was what she was used to doing; researching, observing and explaining.

So when she began writing a paper about a long forgotten case of death by Spontaneous Human Combustion, she assumed it would be a run-of-the-mill piece. Little did she realise that she was about to be plunged into a situation that would not only force her to question her own sanity, but also her scepticism about the nature of the paranormal.

Not to mention the dreams that just wouldn’t go away...

My Review

Alyssa is a lonely girl and we spend the first half of the book finding out about her life growing up, what happened to her parents and what happened in the relationship with Alex. We discover how deep her bond is with her drop dead gorgeous but gay best friend Greg, who is the only true friend/family that she has now. Apart from him the only other person in her life is her boss, Dave. They both work at a Paranormal Research company where they document cases and print their developments in their newspaper.

Since Alyssa has started a new case to research about she is having trouble sleeping and believes she is having nightmares. She confides in Greg and he is beginning to wonder if stress is bringing on her issues. Alyssa spends time with Greg, confiding all her problems in him and the more he thinks about it, the more he tries to convince her that it is all in her head. The black creatures in her room are not real and there are no such things as ghosts.

The first half of the book was pretty slow for me as we find out about Alyssa’s past and what she is dealing with now. She doesn’t have many people in her life to open up to so she spends a lot of time alone and over analyses everything that is going on around her. She starts to believe she is going insane and repeats the same arguments in her head.

The second half of the book was better as there was a bit more action. We learn more about the other plane of existence and how the souls end up there. It gave more depth to the story and I enjoyed learning about Cain. He is a beautiful soul and cares very deeply for Alyssa. They have an unusual relationship and seem to be getting closer the longer they spend together. 

It was a bit of an emotional journey where one girl struggles with who she is and is looking for more in life. She found a connection with someone that she can never have. She deals with rejection poorly as her life has been depressing so far and believes she no longer has anyone to turn to. This was the beginning of something bigger in life after death and the war that is on the horizon. 

About the Author

Rachael J. Thorne is trying to make it in the world as an indie author between tending her garden and being a geek!

She lives in Essex, UK with her husband and crazy dog.

LAST REGRESS is her first novel and she is currently working on her second, RUNNING FOR A LIFE.

Find Rachael online at:


  1. Glad things picked up in the second half..awesome review, you find the most interesting books

  2. Haha!! Thanx Kimberley, but half the time the authors find me!!


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