Review ~ Tied by Emma Chase

Tied (Tangled, #4)Title: Tied
Author: Emma Chase
Series: Tangled #3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: October 7th 2014

In the fourth sexy romance by the New York Times bestselling author of Tangled and Twisted, Drew and Kate can’t wait to tie the knot—if they can survive the pre-wedding festivities.

For most of my life, I never imagined I’d get married. But Kate did the impossible: she changed me. I think we can all agree I was pretty frigging awesome before, but now I’m even better.

The road to this day wasn’t all rainbows and boners. There were mistakes and misunderstandings worthy of a Greek tragedy. But Kate and I made it through with our inexhaustible lust, boundless admiration, and everlasting love for one another intact.

That being said, there were some unexpected incidents in Vegas last weekend that could have been a problem. It was kind of... my final test.

I know what you’re thinking—what the hell did you do this time? Relax. Let’s not judge, or call for my castration, until you've heard the whole story.

And hold on tight, because you’re in for a wild ride. Did you expect anything less?
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MORE DREW!! Hell yeah! I love reading from his point of view because he cracks me up every time! Going from the title – Tied – and the picture on the cover, there is a wedding involved. But what I loved was the lead up to the wedding… the bachelor and bachelorette parties! *Fist pump* And if you know Drew, you can be sure that it will be an amusing time!

Drew is the same yummy, confident and frustrating guy that he has always been. His life has changed drastically since meeting Kate and as this book is set 5 years since they first met, it is great to see that their relationship and passion for each other is still strong. I also enjoyed some flashbacks that Emma Chase put in too, so we could see how well Kate and Drew have coped with the new hurdle in their lives. I felt that seeing these glimpses made them better people and made me swoon for Drew even more, and he knows it!

Like I mentioned before, the bachelor and bachelorette parties are in this book. If you have seen the Hangover movie, it is kind of like that, but with a Drew twist!! The things that happened had me smiling and giggling. Even though it appears that Drew has his head screwed on straight, for a change, there is always something that happens that lands him in trouble, adding alcohol does not help! But through everything I couldn’t deny his love for Kate and that is just so sweet!

Emma Chase has done a beautiful job with this story. It’s a fun, entertaining and fitting end to Drew and Kate’s story! I was on the edge of my seat waiting for Drew to mess up, so I loved every minute of reading it! If you have read Tangled and Twisted you know you want to read Tied!

Complimentary copy provided by the Publicist, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Oh, that's very good to know ! As much as I adored Tangled and Holy friggin matrimony, I was reluctant to read the others - I sensed a lot of drama going on. But if Drew's back, I'm in !

  2. Oh gah! I've not started these yet. I do have book one though :) Yay! It sounds like I really must make the time for them. I'm gonna have to stop sleeping. *nods* lol

  3. I. NEED. TO. READ. THIS. So bad. I want to read Tamed first, even though I don't think skipping that one would hurt. I just can't do it. So I'll get to this eventually. SOON.

  4. Drew being all yummy and confident sounds like a character I could love as well

  5. I'm glad this was every bit as humorous and satisfying as the previous installments, Naomi. *sigh* I must get to this series...but it's not happening this month. :) Fabulous review, girl!

  6. Yes! Read it for Drew, I tell ya! This book is a hoot!

  7. I'm with you, we should be able to run on no sleep, read instead in down time!

  8. I just loved this book, it was so entertaining! I didn't read Tamed, but really, you get whats gone on in that time frame. It was a great read.

  9. You would love him. He is very entertaining!!

  10. Tell me about it! There is so much I want to read too!


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