Review ~ White Trash Beautiful by Teresa Mummert

White Trash Beautiful (White Trash Trilogy, #1)Title: White Trash Beautiful
Author: Teresa Mummert
Series: White Trash Trilogy #1
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Published: July 9th 2013 by Gallery Books (first published September 1st 2012)

A word-of-mouth bestseller that’s captivating readers with its honesty, grit, and headstrong heroine, White Trash Beautiful is a story for anyone who has ever felt trapped in life, cheated by love—and longed for something more . . .

Cass Daniels isn’t waiting for her knight in shining armor. She knows that girls like her don’t get a happily ever after. Not if you live in a trailer with your mom, work at a greasy spoon diner, and get leered at by old men. Maybe that’s why she puts up with Jackson—her poor excuse for a boyfriend, who treats her like dirt. Cass has learned to accept her lot in life. That is, until he walks into her diner. . . .

His name is Tucker White, and he’s different from any man Cass has ever known. Tall, tattooed, and bad-ass gorgeous, he’s the lead singer of the rock band Damaged. From the moment they meet, Tucker sees something in Cass he just can’t shake. Something beautiful. Something haunted. Something special. And he’s determined to find out what it is—if only he can get her to open up and let him in. . . .
Oh my gosh… what an emotional story!! I was expecting this book to be a really fun read, where a girl is swept off her feet by a famous rock star, but that was so not the case. It was more about the struggles of one girl, who has spent too much time being abused both physically and emotionally. She finds it hard to see herself with a better future and is convinced she is not worth anything.

I was quickly drawn into the world and right from the beginning my heart ached for Cass, the main character. She lives in a trailer with her mother and boyfriend, both of which are drug addicts. Cass works her butt off to make ends meet and supports everyone. When she meets Tucker, he is just another random guy, who for some reason is kind to her even though she is a little b*tchy to him. After multiple visits and little acts of kindness, Tucker sneaks under Cass’ skin, which makes it hard for her to let go.

I liked seeing this relationship develop because I was beginning to see the hope blossom within Cass, as she thought she just may make a life for herself. She dreams of the fairytale endings and being saved from her horrid life, and even though she is taking some steps to make it happen, it is still a far off dream. She comes across as a strong person, but when we see her in her home, she is a fragile and frightened girl, and she avoids conflict where possible so she does not become a target for Jax. Tucker is a really awesome guy; he is kind and able to see past Cass’ walls. He hides who he is from Cass in the beginning, but she soon figures it out. I was hoping that these two were able to find a way to make things work.

White Trash Beautiful is a story that was woven with so many heart breaking elements. I was able to see good parts from Cass’ earlier life with her parents and even Jax. But there were many unhappy times too. It was gut wrenching to see the struggles she has had in life, so the good times with Tucker were amazing. The author, Teresa Mummert, has written a remarkable story that draws you in to the very last page and I’m excited to see what is in store next for Cass.

I won this book from the guys at The Racy Hearts (Simon and Schuster Australia!!)


  1. Glad you enjoyed it, I didn't get on so well with it.

  2. I loved this story too, and agree it was a very emotional read! It drew me in immediately too, and was so much deeper than I expected as well. Awesome Review Naomi :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  3. I can understand why it's not for everyone... Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. Thanks Lindy. I'd be interested to see where things go now!


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