Review ~ Take Me Now by Faith Sullivan

Take Me Now (Take Me Now, #1)Title: Take Me Now
Author: Faith Sullivan
Series: Take Me Now #1
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Published: July 16th 2013

How do you survive the internship from hell?

Don't fall in love.

Ivy thought being a reporter-in-training at the Independent Gazette would be her dream summer job. Little did she know, interviewing Eric, a landscaper with a heart of gold, would derail her plans. It turns out Ivy's boss, Lauren, has been eying his chiseled physique for quite some time.

But at twenty-four, Eric already has a tragic past, one that he is still reeling from. Even though his ordeal turned him into some sort of local celebrity, it's been a while since he's shared his bed with anyone. When he comes to Ivy's rescue out of the blue, it's not long before the two of them start seeing each other behind Lauren's back. When they get caught, Ivy's journey toward a college degree is jeopardized and her relationship with Eric is severely put to the test.

Career versus love? In the end, a shocking turn of events provides Ivy with a revelation she never saw coming.
Take Me Now has me a little conflicted. The Prologue was great, I was so intrigued and I wanted to see where this fit into the plot. I enjoyed the building of Ivy and Eric’s relationship. Eric’s back-story is just heartbreaking and it was a big part of why he is the person he is today. The overall plot was pretty good too and I did enjoy how the story leads up to the ending.

Just a little recap though, Ivy takes on an internship with her best friend Ryan’s stepsister, Lauren. On her first day she runs into an old school flame, runs out of fuel in her car and is swept off her feet by the handsome garden shop owner Eric. They strike up a connection immediately and soon they are thinking about each other constantly. When Ivy is told to do a story on Eric, she heads back out to meet him where she discovers that he has an attraction to her. For Eric, it has been a while since his feelings have stirred and has decided it is time to move on.

I liked both Eric and Ivy but at times I was confused by the things that they did. You could see that the relationship was moving in a good direction, but would abruptly change. They genuinely care for one another and I was cheering for things to work out for them.

Ryan, I liked in the beginning, but it wasn’t until later in the book that I realised how young he was. I thought that Ivy and Ryan were closer in age, that’s why they had such a great friendship. Lauren starts off as just a bitchy boss but the more things she does throughout the book she appears more like a crazy person. She is obsessed with Eric and wants him to herself. Will is a bit of a crack pot too. I didn’t like him from the beginning and it didn’t change at any time during the book!!

I wished that Ivy had a stronger personality. People seem to walk over her all the time and she goes with what they say. There was a situation that occurred between her and Ryan and I just couldn’t believe how it happened and then she was over it so quickly. A few other things that happened throughout the book were a little unrealistic in my opinion and I scoffed at some of them, thinking that wouldn’t happen.

Other than the few issues I had with the book, I think Take Me Now is a good book and I enjoyed how the story unfolded quickly. I am looking forward to see how things will go with Ivy and Eric now, with that little revelation at the end of the book.

I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. That's great that even with the little flubbles you enjoyed it overall and are interesting in carrying on. It does sound like an interesting one. I always enjoy the ones where you're really rooting for them to figure it out. Nice to get a bit invested in them :)

  2. Great review! I too struggle with characters that let people walk all over them, its just a pet peeve of mine. Glad you enjoyed despite some of your issues.

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

  3. Great review! Though you had a few issues, glad you still enjoyed it! It's hard for me to really enjoy a book when a situation arises that seems so unrealistic.. Just something I can't really stand when I'm reading ha ha


  4. I did enjoy it in the end. It will be interesting to see how things go now. And I'm glad they sorted some things out.

  5. Thanks Teresa!! Yeah, I prefer the characters to stand up for themselves.... but there are times you need to bite the bullet!!

  6. Yes!! Very understandable!! But it was a good read in the end and I am curious to see where things go now.

  7. Wow there is a lot going on in this book and so many people mixed into the relationship. Great review


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