Book Blitz and Review ~ Special Assignment by Niki Becker

Tomorrow is the Release Day of Special Assignment by Niki Becker. I wanted to bring your attention to this book early because it is such a great read. My review is below and after you read it I hope you snap this one up!! It is a helluva lot of fun!!
Special AssignmentTitle: Special Assignment
Author: Niki Becker
Genre: Erotic
Expected Publication: December 17th 2013

Jake left Justice, Kansas shortly after the wreck. His life had been forever changed and he didn’t know how he could stay in the one place that was a constant reminder of both women. Now on a quest to prove himself he taps into the one thing better left alone.

Charlie knew that eventually she’d have to run again. Resolution, California wouldn’t be safe forever, someone would learn about her past. She just never imagined it would be the one person she’s spent a decade trying to forget.

Charlie and her brother Justin have made a new life in their beach side house on the banks of California. Justin stripping and Charlie hooking - neither wanted these jobs but they both paid the bills. Life was calm until trouble happened inside one seemingly friendly hotel.

Jake and Charlie, face to face with each other and their past.

Will they both overcome their shadows that haunt each of them?

Is there ever a way to forgive and forget when death is involved?

Special Assignment - The only thing special about this assignment are the two people involved.
Special Assignment is the first book written by Ashley Nemer under the pen name Niki Becker, and her first attempt at an erotic romance without a hint of paranormal, and I was totally amazed at the job she did with this book. It had a gripping storyline, lots of suspense and tonnes of saucy sex scenes to keep your toes curling!

Charlie is working as a high end call girl; she has regular clients who pay well for her services. She lives with her brother, Justin, after they fled their home town when an accident shattered their lives 10 years ago. What she didn't expect was someone from her past showing up and wanting her help with his assignment. Jake has never forgiven Katelyn for the incident that changed his life, but he must befriend her to get her to help him with his assignment. His attraction to her resurfaces and makes it a little complicated but pressure from his employer pushes him to fulfil his end of the deal.

I liked both characters; Charlie is pretty confident and has put her old life behind her. She is very good at her job and really has no issues with it at all. Jake has his own skeletons, but wants this job done so he can get out. What neither of them expected was their old feelings and complications to surface.

I must say that I was blown away by this book. Right from the Prologue I was hooked. There was a bit of mystery about it and I wanted to see how it unfolded. We are quickly introduced to Charlie and the world she lives in and the heat quickly rose in my household!! She certainly knows how to satisfy a man and make it pleasurable for herself too!! Jake soon brings the seriousness back to the story and what he needs done and I was sucked into this assignment. There were other twists thrown in that I didn’t see coming at all and I must commend the author for them!! So if you are looking for a quick read with plenty of action, suspense and raunchy lovin', you should snap this beauty up ASAP!!

I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

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