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Welcome to the Dark War Chronicles Blog Tour for In the Light of the Moon by A.L. Kessler. I’m Jaxon and I’ll be your host today. I’ve high jacked Naomi’s blog for the day, because well…I have nothing better to do right now. With Kassity out hunting for something on Lucius’ orders, I’m bored. Below you will find a fantastic review of In the Light of the Moon, which was released today! Trust me, you want to pick up this book. It has action, it has romance, and it has people you’ll love to hate and hate to love. And of course, it has my wonderful mate and myself in it. What’s better than a pair of panther lycans? *Grins* Don’t believe me? Keep reading, Naomi will fill you in on what it’s all about. I’ll be around to answer questions and maybe drop a hint or two for you. *Glances around* Assuming the author lady doesn’t chase me off! I need something to keep me distracted until Kass gets back! *winks*

Title: In The Light Of the Moon
Author: A.L. Kessler
Series: Dark War Chronicles
Genre: Paranormal
Expected Publication: June 11th 2013

Stripped of all control, shifter Kassity has no choice but to be a killer for a vampire named Lucius. Obeying the vampire from the shadows was simply her way of life, until Jax comes to town and brings trouble with him. When her panther half recognizes Jax as her fated mate, Kassity must deal with betrayal, secrets and Lucius in order to be with him.

With a war going on between all supernatural creatures Jaxon must figure out whose side he is on. What started as a simple job turned into a complicated game of hearts when he meets Kassity, the woman he thought he was rescuing, but not everything is as it seems in Lucius' territory.

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I read another book by A. L. Kessler before, Midnight Symphony, and really enjoyed it. So I was excited to try something new from her. In The Light Of the Moon is a new and exciting shifter series that I have completely fallen in love with!!

I was captured from the opening chapter where Kassity is told to run, as Lucius has located her. (Jaxon: *growls* Mine, and mine only.) And in the second half of that chapter, Jaxon is hired by her family to recover Kass and bring her home. (Jaxon: What can I say, I’m a sucker for damsels in distress. She’s cute, spunky, redheaded, and hot as hell. I couldn’t resist!) From that chapter I thought I had pegged who the good and bad guys were…… Not even close!! The longer I read, more mysteries were unravelled and the pieces slotted into place. There are a few twists throughout the story that had me on the edge of my seat, but the characters showed that they could step up to the challenges without fear.

From the book description it says that Kassity is a shifter and Killer for the Vampire named Lucius. She has been stripped of her abilities, but there are reasons for Lucius to do this as we find out throughout the story. Kassity comes across as a hardnosed person where in fact she struggles a lot on the inside, with her kitty and her emotions. (Jaxon: She’s really just a cuddly kitty, I promise. *wicked grin.*) I really liked her and it was nice to see her grow, not only as a person but as a shifter. She is a loyal person, but doesn’t realise that she is doing it.

Jaxon is a mercenary, who takes on top paying jobs to get by. However the one that he takes on in the beginning is going to shift his perspective of how things are in the shifter world. He tries to complete the job but circumstances beyond his control change how he sees things and he is reluctant to follow through with it. Jaxon…… yum!! (Jaxon: Glad you think so!) I would have him visit me here in Aus anytime! He has that Alpha Male kinda thing happening but is a bit shady too. I love that mysteriousness in a guy and he has it in spades! (Jaxon: I may have some more shadiness and mysterious up my sleeves further into the series ;) )

Lucius began as a coldhearted Vampire, but the more I saw of him, the more I grew to like him. (Jaxon: I’m sorry did I miss read? You actually like Lucius?) He has tremendous respect for his people but is willing to punish them if they step out of line. (Jaxon: Okay, so maybe he has a soft spot for some people.) He seems to be shifting pieces in the game and I am looking forward to see what happens when everything falls into place.

In The Light Of the Moon has everything that I love in a good shifter novel; action, Hot romance and mystery with a thrilling plot. There is a war going on in the shifter world that we kind of touch on, but I think it is building more behind the scenes. The main characters had some chemistry at their first meet, but their beasts are the ones that seem to have the say in the romance department, well, they are shifters, animal instincts always come out first! (Jaxon: Dang beasts, always so demanding. Why do you think shifters have so much sex? *grins*) Amy’s characters are easy to relate to and I liked them all from the beginning. The story played out well, but there are some loose ends which will be tied up in future books and I cannot wait!

I received a copy of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

Naomi - Hey Jaxon! What are you doing here?
Jaxon - Well…You know, just taking over for a bit. I get bored while Kass is doing the hunting thing.
Naomi - How did you mange to take over today?
Jaxon - I distracted the author lady with chocolate and coffee, her two favorite things to celebrate release day with. It should keep her distracted for a while. *grins*
Naomi - Geez…… I walk away for 5 minutes and look what you’ve gone and done. Well, lucky you are a package of Hotness, cos there is no way I can stay mad at you. *looks him up and down*
Jaxon - *Winks at her* No one can stay mad at me.
Naomi - *Grins* Hey since you are here, want to answer a couple of personal questions…… You sorta owe me, don’t you think? *smirk*
Jaxon - *pretends to think* Sure, I guess I have time for that. *grins*

Naomi - Are you going to fill us in on where exactly you are from, or what you ran from?
Jaxon - My past is bound to come up further in the series. I’m originally from America, but I moved overseas as a kitten before the Panther-Lycan strain started dying out. So I didn’t lie to Lucius when I said I came from overseas. My clan traveled around Europe in attempts to stay out of the supernatural war. Surprised that the war extends over seas as well? Let’s just say with what The Circle is planning, it’s not just the states that have to be worried.

Naomi - Have you left any broken-hearted girls behind on your travels?
Jaxon - Don’t tell Kass this, but yeah, there were a few that I left behind. *winks* Like you said, I’m hotness and it’s not like a panther can find a mate without you know…actually trying to find one.

Naomi - Since you are a Mercenary, I might have a job for you here in Aus, wanna come over? *winks*
Jaxon - *chuckles* You’d have to bargain with Lucius for my services now, you really want to play that game with him? Though I’d love to visit Aus some time, maybe Kass and I can take a vacation when things settle down. Sorry hon, we come as a packaged deal now!

Naomi - Are you sure that you are going to mate Kass? 
Jaxon - Yep. I’m a one girl, panther now. I can’t imagine being without her. Come hell or high water, she is my fated mate. *cheesy grin*

Naomi - Damn it, well, I’m out of here then. If you want to hang around for a bit, be my guest. Try not to wreck anything while I’m gone, ok? And be good to my visitors, got it?

Jaxon: Me wreck things? Come on now, have a little faith. I can play nice. *wink* I'll be around  for as long as I can bribe author lady with coffee! So readers, ask anything you want and I'll try to answer without giving away spoilers. 

A.L. Kessler is a paranormal romance and steampunk author residing in Colorado Springs. Since she was a teenager she's loved weaving stories and spinning tales. When she's not at the beck-and-call of the Lord and Lady of the House, two black cats by the names of Jynx and Sophie, playing with her daughter, or killing creepers and mining all the things with her husband of 4 years, she's either reading, participating in NaNoWriMo, or writing in her Blog Writing Rambles. You can find her story Keeper in Evernight Vol II, her steampunk short, Of Souls and Steam, in Penny Dread Vol. III, also Midnight Symphony, her first novella is now available.

Find A.L. Kessler online at:

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  1. I was already intrigued by this book thanks to your tasty teaser last week, Naomi + panthers are my fave animal, so no doubt I was finding myself already into it, huh? ;) And now the interview with Jaxon...Love it! -> *waves hands to Jaxon*
    Thanks for the giveaway and also for sharing your thoughts about the book!

  2. I know!! I can't believe Jaxon broke in!! And I've always got a soft spot for Panthers too.... too bad he may have found love!! I tried my best to sway him!

  3. Wow! I'm dying for this read now! Love Panthers and Vamps! Thanks for sharing!!! <3

  4. Cassity sounds like a great main character to read about and that opening sounds great too.

  5. What a fun posts from your hijacked review to the character interview. This sounds like a great book/series and Jaxson made me laugh.

  6. Hi Jaxon .. I have to admit that the story intrigues ... but when you say that you may have some more "shadiness" happening....

    Care to hint? Or are you stuck in that 'mysterious and silent' thing ?

    Great Interview and post ... I hate this - y'all keep adding to my TBR list

  7. Jaxon: There's a little bit of shadiness in this book, but there will be more later on in the series as the war heats up. That's all I can give away. *grins*

  8. Jaxon: Glad I could bring a smile to your face this morning. *winks*

  9. Jaxon: Kassity is a fantastic character, if I dear say so myself. I'm a little fond of her.

  10. Jaxon: Oo Tobi left a heart! I can get behind you loving panthers, I don't know about the vamps though...they can be shady. Well...shadier than me at least.

  11. Jaxon: *waves back* Panthers seem to be a popular cat. *wicked grin* It's cause we're so handsome.

  12. Jaxon: *winks* Remember, I had to come from somewhere, and though I claim no clan, there might be another sexy panther wandering around Europe. Who know's they might pay a visit later on!

  13. Jaxson sounds like a handful for sure. I am definitely interesting in the series. Sounds like one I would like. Wonderful review. :)

  14. Jaxon: Depends on who you ask...Kassity doesn't think I'm a handful, though I'm sure Lucius wants to throw me out a window! *grins* I keep everyone on their toes, that's for sure.

  15. Well hellloooo Jaxon ;) I so have a thing for kitty shifters. And NC is *much* closer than those Aussies. Just sayin'. Great post you two :)

  16. Jaxon: It looks like I'm going to be traveling around the world. *winks* Kitty shifters are the best. It's a well known fact.

  17. I love cat shifters. They are so sensual. I can't wait to see how you and Kassity work things out. What happened when you first met Kassity?

  18. Jaxon: She pinned me to the ground. It was great. *grins* Then she oogled me some. I think Naomi has that up somewhere on here.

  19. Love the post! Excellent character interview and hijacked review :D I'm a fan Jaxon. I do want to ask, what is it about Kass? I am a fan of red-heads as well but I know there's more...Thank you! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

  20. This looks great! Love that cover, too ; ) I always wonder if the author has any life experience that they put into their books? Thanks for sharing with us and Thanks for the giveaway!

    mestith at gmail dot com

  21. Jaxon: Ahh Kass. *sappy grin* She calms my beast and I hers. She's a fighter through and through and though. My mate is strong, loyal, and a better shifter than she gives herself credit for. She has a past that would have kill many, literally, and she has done nothing but over come that. Ahh I'm getting all weird and cheesy!

  22. What a fun post and terrific review! I really enjoyed my visit today :) And meeting Jaxon was definitely a treat! And hey, after you are done in Aus and NC, you can always come visit Detroit, too! :)

  23. You're welcome Tobi... you would love it!

  24. She is awesome... they both are!!

  25. He is very cheeky.... loved having him here!

  26. Awesome question Gaele... will be fun to see what he reveals next!

  27. I highly recommend it... lots of fun :)

  28. Bwhahaha!! I had first dibbs after Kass!! lol

  29. Ahhh.... so much fun! I shared that in my Teaser Tuesday! Was hilarious!

  30. Thanks Jaclyn, it was fun doing this post... wanted to mix it up a bit!

  31. Oooh.... he'll be getting around, that's for sure!

  32. Jaxon: Apparent;y I need to go on tour! *grins*

  33. I hope you try this series out, it has been fun! Building to something big!

  34. Yep, I'm looking forward to this one, Naomi! ;)


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