Tool by Sabrina Paige ~ Review & Swoon Thursday

IHave you read a book by Sabrina Paige yet? If not you need to read Tool! You will love Gaige and his dirty mouth! 
Title: Tool
Author: Sabrina Paige
Series: A Step Brother Romance #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: April 7th 2015

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I call him “Tool” because he’s a dick.

Gaige O’Neal is nicknamed “Tool” because of what he’s packing. Rumor is, he’s well equipped.

I wouldn’t know. I’ve never had the pleasure.

He’s a cocky, entitled, insufferable a**hole who’s as reckless with women as he is with that stupid motorcycle he races.

He’s also my stepbrother. Lucky me.

It’s been four years since I’ve seen him. Four years since he’s made me so frustrated I could scream. Four years since he’s given me that look, the one that makes me instantly wet.

So it’s just f**ing fitting that the first time I see him in four years, he’s buried beneath three scantily clad blondes.

Now I’m stuck here under the same roof with him while he recovers from a racing injury. An injury that clearly hasn’t affected the use of his tool.

The problem is, as much as I despise him, I just can’t help myself. I want to find out what kind of tool he's working with.

This is the second book in the Step Brother Romances by Sabrina Paige and I enjoyed Tool as much as the first book. Gaige and Delaney have been step siblings for four years; however Delaney had only stayed for the first summer after their parents married. She had spent the rest of her time living with her mother. The summer that she stayed, Delaney and Gaige formed a strong friendship that pushed the boundaries and almost crossed the line, before she returned to live with her mother. Now Delaney is back to work for her father’s business.

Gaige is staying with his mother and stepfather after an incident that broke his leg. He has almost recovered and now that Delaney’s back, he’s keen to mess with her. The gift that he brings to her on her first day of work cracked me up! I laughed so hard!! Although he’s quite forward and pushes Delaney, I really liked him. He’s confident and goes after what he wants. And he’s a dirty talker! I love that! He tells Delaney exactly what he wants to do to her and that often pushes her over the edge!

Delaney tried her hardest to keep away from Gaige, but it’s hard when he keeps pushing her buttons. They are constantly bickering, but the sexual tension between them continues to rise. Having to work close together makes it even more difficult for her to distance herself. I liked her a lot, she was amusing and determined to do her job, despite the mean boss she had!

Tool was another entertaining read in the series. Sabrina sure knows how to build the tension between the characters in these taboo relationships. Gaige and Delaney are easy to like and the chemistry between them feels real. I liked the way the book wrapped up and will definitely read more in this series! 

It was hard to pick a swoon because Gaige is a BIG dirty talker, so here is one straight to the point!

"Stop talking," I say, my hand on the base of my cock. "Take. Off. Your. Goddamn. Clothes. Now." I punctuate each word for emphasis, and I swear to all that is holy, I am very close to tearing open her clothes like a wild animal. I've waited long enough for her. Four years. Four years and three months. Four years and three months and nine days.

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