In the Dark by Monica Murphy ~ Review, Giveaway & Swoon Thursday

The second book in Monica Murphy's The Rules series has now been released. If you loved Gabe in the first book, you need to see him in his own book!
Title: In the Dark
Author: Monica Murphy
Series: The Rules #2
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Published: August 25th 2015

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Stuck spending the summer with his screwed up family, Gabriel Walker is bored out of his mind and looking for an adventure. And he seems to find it with the hot girl who lives next door. The attraction between them is instant. Electric. Soon they’re spending every stolen minute together. Talk about the perfect summer fling…

Lucy isn’t what she seems. She doesn’t live next door—she’s the girl who’s been hired to house sit for the summer while the family goes on a worldwide vacation. If Gabe wants to believe she’s a spoiled rich girl looking for some fun, she can go along with that. After the summer, she’ll never see him again.

They don’t count on running into each other at college. Now Lucy must keep up the pretense of being a rich girl—and it’s exhausting. She knows she’s falling in love with Gabe and she’s scared he feels the same. Will he still care about her when he discovers the truth?

After reading and loving Fair Game, the first book in The Rules series, I knew I had to snap up the next book and meet the woman who would tame Gabe. He couldn’t understand Shep’s obsession with Jade and planned on staying single… until he met Lucy.

In the Dark was basically told in two parts; the first part was the summer holiday fling where Gabe and Lucy met. It was funny at first because Gabe seemed to be a bit of a creeper… watching Lucy from his balcony, but it didn’t take long for him to find the courage to act. Lucy enjoyed having the eyes of the hottie next door watching her every day; she puts on a show soaking up the rays and swimming in the pool. She seemed so confident, but in reality, she lacked experience when it came to men. I liked seeing Lucy come out of her shell and the flirty banter she exchanged with Gabe. She may have been attracted to him, but she didn’t hold back when Gabe was a jerk, quick to send him on his way.

The second part was when Lucy and Gabe head back to university. They had their memories, but had to move on to start their lives again. To find out that they are at the same university is a huge shock for both of them, and Lucy finds it hard to keep up her charade. They were still attracted to one another and soon the infatuation took hold again.

I loved both these characters; they were passionate and determined to get what they wanted. They both had a few problems with their families; Gabe’s parents are rich and have a certain plan for him and Lucy’s mother is adamant that boys are the devil (kind of like the mum from the movie The Waterboy!). I liked seeing all the characters from the previous book again too. Gabe would seek advice from Shep for his girl problems, which was amusing, and Lucy’s roommate Gabi was someone that she could rely on.

In the Dark was another entertaining and sizzling read by Monica Murphy. She is a master at building the intensity and sexuality between her characters. They were perfect for one another and were willing to fight for each other. I missed the illegal casino that the guys had in the first book, as it was shut down for the summer, and was slow when it reopened. I could see that Tristan wasn’t dealing well with his guys becoming tied down… I know I’m going to enjoy his story, for sure!

Complimentary copy provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review.

There were a few nice moments, but I though this was a sweet one that made me swoon... Gabe is an old fashioned guy at times! *wink*

“I’m going to do this right.” His hand drops from my mouth and he releases his grip on my other hand. I frown at the loss. There’s nothing better than having Gabriel Walker touching you, trust me. “Starting now.”
“Do what right?” I ask as he stands and offers his hand to me.
“Properly woo you, of course.” He grins.
I think I’m in serious trouble.

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New York Times, USA Today and international bestselling author Monica Murphy is a native Californian who lives in the foothills below Yosemite with her husband and three children. She's a workaholic who loves her job. When she's not busy writing, she also loves to read and travel with her family. She writes new adult and contemporary romance and is published with Bantam and Avon. She also writes romance as USA Today bestselling author Karen Erickson. 

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